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Damp walls, a leaky roof and above all wetness from rain and snow that you bring into the garage with your car when parking. There are many opportunities for moisture to find its way into your garage. This can have serious consequences. For one, it promotes rust formation on your car. For another, mould begins to form after a short period of time. And the spores spread quickly in the garage and infest not only the walls and ceiling, but also the interior of your vehicle. And a musty odour clings to all other possessions stored there. You should therefore make sure early on that you are taking action against moisture and thereby against mould formation. As a specialist in the production of professional dehumidification systems, Trotec has an ace up its sleeve. the TTK 100 S. The compact dehumidifier offers you convenient protection against moisture and corrosion. Inexpensive, competent, reliable – naturally Trotec!

Maybe you’re familiar with it: the smell of mildew and must in your garage. It usually occurs suddenly, and you hardly know where it’s coming from. But one thing is for sure. You don’t want to park your car in that kind of environment, especially not for an extended period of time. In this situation, it’s often the vehicle itself bringing the problems into the garage. Namely, moisture. Excessive moisture within the narrow four walls causes mould to form very quickly, and it continues to spread.

But where is the mould coming from?

For old garages, the trouble often lies with leaky walls, especially when the walls are on a hill and water seeps in through the areas below ground. Damages in the roof are also not uncommon. But if a garage is newly built, that is exactly the source of the mould problem. The walls are optimally sealed and the roof is high quality. Not a drop of seepage or rainwater can penetrate – however, this also allows no natural exchange of air. The floor and walls, which are commonly built out of lime sandstone and can therefore absorb moisture, regularly retain water. The optimal conditions for mould formation prevail when the surface moisture reaches 70 per cent.

Moisture also comes in when parking the car

In addition, you bring moisture into the garage with the vehicle itself. If you park your wet car, which you have just driven through the rain, within the four walls, you have simultaneously transported a large dose of water into the garage. The same thing happens when snow sticks to the car body and then thaws after the car is parked. During the day, when the temperature is still mild outside, and therefore also in your garage, nothing happens at first. But then it cools off significantly during the night, and condensation forms on the walls and the car body. Just think: Colder air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air. So, due to the temperature drop, the air in your garage releases moisture, which deposits as condensate. And that not only fosters mould formation on the walls and ceiling. It also threatens to cause rust formation on older vehicles.

Professional help: compact and effective

One way to combat moisture in the garage is regular ventilation. But do you really want to leave your garage door permanently cracked open? Of course not! This leaves only one option: a professional solution using high-quality technology. And you can get that from Trotec. Trotec’s TTK 100 S comfort dehumidifier offers you complete protection of your vehicle.
With its high-quality automatic hot gas defroster, this compact powerhouse is a professional when it comes to dehumidification performance – even in unheated rooms such as garages. The automatic hot gas defroster eliminates any defrosting downtimes in which no dehumidification is taking place. In addition, the TTK 100 S has a 0.65 kW compressor and offers effective, automatic, hygrostat-controlled dehumidification.

The TTK 100 S is easy to use

Protection from corrosion and mould formation in your garage – mere child’s play! You need only set the integrated hygrostat to the desired humidity, and the dehumidifier begins monitoring the climate in your garage. If the value entered is exceeded, the unit automatically switches on. And vice versa, it switches off again as soon as the desired level of humidity has been reached. It is not only easy, it can also be very economical. As soon as the collection tank is full, a warning signal lights up, and the unit automatically switches off. It’s even easier if you use the connection for an external condensate outlet.
An added bonus is the integrated air filter which acts against bacteria. This way your garage not only has a protective climate. You can also climb into your vehicle surrounded by clean air, or even tune your car in the garage or clean the inside of your car without being accosted by residual exhaust in the air.

The advantages of the TTK 100 S dehumidifier at a glance

  • professional automatic hot gas defroster for continuous dehumidification performance even in unheated rooms
  • automatic hygrostat-controlled dehumidification
  • warning light when the water tank is full
  • automatic shut-off to prevent overfilling
  • connection for external condensate outlet
  • antibacterial, easily cleaned air filter
  • space-saving construction with an optimal design
  • excellent price-performance ratio

Order easily online

Trotec has the TTK 100 S comfort dehumidifier ready for you at a special price in the online shop. Drop in today and have a look. The TTK 100 S is currently available for only £170.54 instead of £284.24. You save 113.70 £! Reliable technology and a modern design for professional protection for your car in the garage.

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