Construction site exploration with audio frequency analysis

locating conductions One of our customers got the task to locate conductions in the soil on the area of a clinical centre before a building project. Restructuring of the entrance and the construction of a new building had been planned. For avoiding any troubles and interruptions during the construction the precise location of all conductions in the soil – electrical power, telecommunication, water, heating, gas, oxygen, coldness – had to be located and determined. For this purpose the company used the audio frequency analysis.

The origins and endpoints of the different conductions were known, but nobody knew how they proceeded in the ground. Under usage of an emitter all conductions had been transmitted actively with a frequency one by one and with the help of the audio frequency analysis all conductions in the study area had been located concerning their location, course and depth. The determined course of the conductions had been marked on the surface of the area, documented by an orthonogal measurement and finally assigned into a site plan.

Because of the audio frequency analysis the different conductions could be located on the construction site and the early resulting documentation of the actual state could ensure a high planning security.

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