IQAir air purifiers for effective infectious prevention against the swine influenza

The expansion of H1N1 (swine influenza)

Since March 2009 the A/H1N1 influenza virus, also known as swine influenza or pig flu, spreads unusually fast. After a local confined onset in Mexico the virus is now widespread on all continents just after a few months. The world health organisation (WHO) decided to raise the pandemic alert to phase 6. This step is done very rarely by the WHO.

The last time the WHO declared an influenza pandemic is 41 years ago. The risks of the swine influenza are hardly appreciable yet. The virus is new and it will probably modify itself – it’s possible that the virus becomes very hazard.

Prevention is the best defence

Just like a variety of respiratory diseases H1N1 is assigned by direct contact from human to human: via airborne infection while coughing and sneezing or because of touching contaminated surfaces. Because there’s still no vaccine against H1N1 prevention is the most effective strategy. Given of the increasing infections a specifically proceeding for stemming the onsets is absolutely necessary. Schools, universities, hospitals and other medical institutions, departments, public transit and wherever a lot of people meet infectious prevention is urgently advised.

Air purification offers an efficiency, reliably, flexibly and economically solution for infectious prevention. IQAir® is one of the few air purifiers having the ability to remove airborne particles ≥ 0.3μm with the necessary efficiency of more than 99.97 %. This study, implemented by the national electrical and mechanical services department (EMSD) on behalf of the Hong Kong hospital authority (HKHA) in 2003, should find an effective solution for containment of the “severe acute respiratory syndrome, also known as SARS. Since then IQAir® takes an important part in the fight against SARS and other challenges in prevention of airborne infections.

Efficiency of the IQAir® filtration of the H1N1 virus

IQAir® filtration system have been tested successfully according to the strict standards of DIN EN 1822 by an independent institution. The HEPA-filters of the IQAir® Cleanroom-series are filters of class H12, resp. H13 and filter at least 99.5 % of the smallest and highly infectious particles of known disease agents. Therefore the pig flu virus (approx.. 0.1μm diameter) or the SARS corona virus (approx. 0.11μm diameter) are filtered approximately at 100 %.

Chief advantages of the highly effective IQAir® air purifiers

Though high efficiency isn’t the only feature of performance of IQAir® devices it’s still one of the most important features. The highly efficient air purifier guarantees:

  1. User nearby the air purifier breathe air as clean as possible.
  2. Less air circulation is necessary to clean the ambient air. That entails that the air purifier can run on a lower fan stage than less efficiency air purifiers whereby less noise and draught occurs.
  3. Filtered suspended matters remain in the filter and won’t get into the ambient air again.

The IQAir®series technology

Air purifier iQAirIQAir air purification systems proved themselves over a million times in critical areas all over the world since more than 10 years. Because of their superior filtration efficiency, their great versatility und high mobility IQAir® air purifiers belong to the most advanced and economic mobile air filtration system available in the sector today.

IQAir air purification systems are used by leading research institutions, hospitals und companies for air purification all over the world.

IQAir air purification systems specially excel with their high separation efficiency of constant and liquid airborne particles or aerosols. The Cleanroom 250 MG is used for infectious prevention in medical institutions and in cleanroom likely areas for particle reduction because of its certified and guaranteed filtration efficiency. Every single filter of the Cleanroom-series has been tested and every device has got an own certificate.

Every model offers high comfort of application and the following system advantages:

  • absolutely silent conception
  • easy control
  • 6 adjustable fan stages
  • Certified quality
  • Fast and safe filter exchange and smoothly disposing
  • High performance radial fan
  • Economical system
  • Sturdy construction

The combination of a Premax MG pre-filter and a Cleanroom-HyperHEPA-filter offers a high filtration efficiency with allergens, viruses, bacteria and moulds and enables the reliably usage of the air purifiers in medical institutions, schools, kindergartens, care homes, anterooms, hotel rooms and allergy treatment centres.

High performance virus elimination

Radial fans of the IQAir systems are propelled by an powerful quality motor built for non-stop operation. So only one device can purify the ambient air in rooms up to 50 m² (125 m³). For example: A room with a volume of 60 m³ can be filtered 6 times in only one hour.

Discovering by controlling!

Not only prevention is necessary to stem the pig flu. Already existing viruses have to be isolated consequently to prevent the population from more infections. That’s why local health authorities advise more checks at airports and stations. That’s the only way to interrupt the chains of infection. Nevertheless, up to now consequent checks are impracticable. Checks at Frankfurt airport had to be stopped, for example.

The swine influenza begins suddenly. Fatigue, joint pain and high fever are typical symptoms of an infection with the H1N1 virus. With infrared thermometers from Trotec a person’s temperature can be detected very fast, precise and without a touch. Crowds can be scanned very easy and fast for the distinctive H1N1 symptom.

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