Always at your service: The perfect tool kit

Hammering, drilling, sawing, planing, chiselling: All that and much more is on the range for craftspeople and hobbyists. Accordingly there are often countless tools in the hobby workshop, in the basement or in the storage room. Every hobbyist and especially every craftsperson should have reliable basic equipment. That is the only way to have the various tools that you need at any time immediately available. And it saves time. However, in order to also be able to guarantee good quality, the tools should be in perfect condition. Correct storage is indispensable for protecting the tools. But what’s more important to begin with is that the devices themselves are of the best quality. What good is a drill, cordless screwdriver and the like if they are budget machines, with a motor that’s too weak or that give up the ghost part way through the work? Craftspeople, take note! Trotec has got the perfect equipment for you. With the high-quality and practical electrical tools you can be a master craftsperson before you know it. And for a low price!

Always ready and in the best condition: That’s why this is the professional’s tool kit. On the one hand that includes professional craftspeople, who work with different tools every day. For them the machines must be efficient and the material long-lasting. After all it involves professional execution of craftwork, with a satisfying result for the customer. But also hobbyists should prepare themselves as best they can. Low-quality tools only cause frustration and costs in the hobby field too. No matter whether you’re a pro or hobbyist: Get yourself a proper tool kit today. You always get the best advice from Trotec. Here we have high-quality electrical tools at a fair price. Put together your own manual craft package – with cordless screwdriver, drill hammer, angle grinder and also of course with the best measuring devices. We will help you pick out the right models.

Cordless screwdrivers

A cordless screwdriver must not be missing from your tool case when you need to assemble furniture, insert screws and perform easy installation work. It must be ready for use at any time and above all it must be convenient and practical to operate. All this comes with the PSCS 10‑3.6V model, which can be set to rod position using the rotatable handle. With this you are guaranteed to reach any angle and be able to screw in things in any corner. What’s more, the battery lasts for around three hours. That leaves you with enough time for your work! Get the small and practical cordless screwdriver now in the online shop for £18.40 instead of £27.62. Now is your chance.

Cordless impact drills

You need real power when screwing or drilling but you want to work as flexibly as possible, i.e. without a cable? Then it’s worth your while to purchase a cordless impact drill. The PHDS 10‑20V model is a real all-rounder, with which you can screw and drill – hit by hit. The continuously variable speed control with quick stop is just as practical as it is important for high-quality work. The robust 2-speed metal gears of this impact drill and its continuously variable speed control accord you with force adjustment at any time, whenever you require. The impact drill is available for £50.68 instead of £78.35 currently.

Drill hammers

Uncovering masonry, chiselling cable slots, loosening old bathroom tiles. All this and more makes up the routine work of Trotec drill hammers. High-powered chiselling, impact drilling and rotary drilling are child’s play for the PRDS 10-230V chisel hammer. It has a punch of five joules and has enormous power reserves. If it is supposed to be this powerful, pick up the PRDS 10‑230V. Our recommendation: You will find the helpful power package in the Trotec online shop for just £50.68 instead of £92.18. You save 45 percent!

Multifunction tools

One thing that should always be on hand, both for hobbyists and for professionals, is a multifunction tool. That’s because it performs several work steps for you at once. You always have a helping hand by your side when it comes to renovating homes, milling and grinding work and small sawing jobs. The PMTS 10-230V from Trotec is a powerful all-rounder that is guaranteed to have earned a place on your workbench. It offers you professional oscillation technology for grinding, shaving, sawing, splitting – and much more. There is only a small price to pay for all that. The multifunction tool currently costs just £27.62. Take a look in the Trotec online shop!

Cross-line lasers

If you are putting up shelves, precisely aligning strips of wallpaper, measuring angles and plotting lines, then the cross-line laser from Trotec is your reliable partner. Using this little device you can precisely align drilling points, shelves, tool cabinets and perforated walls. All without a spirit level and pencil! At the push of a button, the cross-line laser projects two laser lines into the room, which create a right angle. The integrated self-levelling even compensates for floor unevenness in the measurements. In the Trotec online shop the cross-line laser is called the BD5A and costs just £27.62 instead of £46.06.

Assemble your own tool range – just the way you need it.

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