With Hogart Trotec strengthens its image in the Russian market


Since its foundation in 1996 the Russian wholesaler Hogart is an expert in the sectors heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitary equipment. Now the business relationship between Hogart und Trotec should be consolidated, intensified and placed on a solid basis. Therefore, Hogart employees visited the Trotec head office in Heinsberg and participated in a product training.

“For more than ten years we only sold one Trotec product in Russia, the dehumidifiers of the TTK series”, Sergey Belov explains, head of sales department ventilation division at Hogart. “Our business relationship was pretty stable but on the other hand nothing ever changed. Then we got to know Jürgen Schmitz and found out that Trotec started pursuing a new, international strategy to immerse deeper into the Russian market.” Among other things as Trotec export manager Jürgen Schmitz is responsible for Russia. From many years of experience he knows what the customers and the market demand. “We can benefit from relationships like the one we have with Hogart. The company knows the Russian market very well and has established itself as one of the leading companies”, Schmitz says. Sergey Belov, as well, wants to have Trotec as an important partner in the Russian market for the sectors dehumidification, ventilation and heating to “restart our mutual business. Trotec has a very good understanding of the Russian market. They notice specific facts and at the same time recognize approaches to overcome them. We feel in good hands and supported. Thus, we are really looking forward to the cooperation.”

Plans for the future

Although basically there is a strong need for dehumidifiers in Russia but the operators of such devices are far from being as sensitized as we are in Germany. They hardly know services like water damage restoration and even don’t know insulation drying at all. To successfully introduce such products and services to the Russian market Hogart wants to use the specialized know how and the broad product range of Trotec in the areas dehumidification, heating, ventilation and air cleaning. According to Sergey Belov, with fans and heaters drying works even faster.
A product training for the Hogart employees was the first step to expand the product range in Russia. “Now we know much more about the Trotec products and better understand what every machine can be used for. Before the training we could hardly imagine what to tell our customers about the products. Now we can clearly say which machine suits best for which target group or field of application. On such basis we hope to find a way to the hearts of the customers”, Belov summarizes his impressions.
To acquire new customers together Hogart and Trotec will participate in the exhibition Climate World in Moscow from 11 to 14 March 2014. First of all Hogart wants to demonstrate the new Trotec product range to the visitors. “We also want to explain why these machines are so good and what makes them special”, Sergey Belov further explains.

According to marketing manager Ekaterina Galinskaya additional plans for 2014 are more advertising in magazines, further promotion on the Internet and in social networks to make the products known. “For that we also get support from Trotec. Thank you for working with such a great team!”
“Let’s go!” Sergey Belov adds.

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