Carbon monoxide is life-threatening – BG20 detects a threat

The gas is invisible, it cannot be smelled or tasted – yet it creeps through all cracks and doors as a deadly threat. People continue breathing as normal, but due to oxygen deficiency they first become tired, then unconscious and helpless. Even just a CO content of 1.28% in the air leads to death by suffocation in just one to two minutes. With the measuring device BG20, carbon monoxide values are determined precisely – and increasing critical values signalled via an alarm function.

The effect of the treacherous gas is based on its suppression of vital oxygen from the bloodstream. Instead of oxygen being transported from the lungs to the cells, CO is transported instead – often with life-threatening consequences. Because carbon monoxide, CO for short, is released during incomplete combustion of carbonic materials such as coal, petrol and gas, it leads to CO poisoning time and time again: For example, when grilling in the garage or apartment, or by heating with old coal furnaces that have long since become leaky. Or, as in the tragic event in the Lower Franconian Arnstein, when six teenagers fell victim to fatal CO poisoning after using a petrol-operated power generator that was unsuitable for inside use. And only recently did the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment warn against storing large quantities of wood pellets in closed rooms, because they can release CO even months after production – and that’s without combustion!

The BG20 allows you to determine the exact CO content of the surrounding air

You can use the BG20, for example, to ensure compliance with the limit values for applicable workplace regulations – because the risks of CO pollution in the air of production centres, craft businesses or workshops are frequently underestimated. The compact BG20 is ready for operation just seconds after being switched on. The hand-held measuring device reliably determines CO values between 0 and 1,000 ppm, and the result is immediately displayed, accurate to ± 10 ppm, on the large, easily readable display. From 35 ppm, the device alerts you automatically with a tone which sounds at increasingly short intervals the higher the concentration rises, and which is issued as a continuous warning tone from 200 ppm. The alarm limit value can be individually adjusted, depending on the measurement being carried out.

Due to the back-lit display, the values can be detected precisely even for measurements in dark environments. In addition, you can save up to ten measured values and make use of the maximum value and hold functions. Thanks to the clearly organised function keys, the measuring device enables practical operation with only one hand.

BG20 carbon monoxide measuring device – helps to prevent unnecessary risks

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