The perfect downtime


The downtime work in production plants is planned long in advance, because there is generally only a small window of time available in which all necessary maintenance work is performed. For this, everything must be perfectly in place so that the production outage is no longer than necessary. But to also prevent certain plant components from being damaged during disassembly, the interim storage should also be equipped with turbines, boilers, etc. Here, high-performance dryers, such as the TTR series adsorption dehumidifier from Trotec, ensure the greatest level of security.

TÜV specifies how frequently and intensively production plants in the chemical industry must be maintained. And this downtime work must be meticulously planned so that the plants are out of operation for as little time as possible and production can be started up again in no time. Specialists are commissioned and allocated, special vehicles and tools are procured, a detailed schedule is created for the work to be performed and appropriate safety measures are arranged.
During this time, the chemical plant is essentially like a massive assembly set which is taken apart and put back together again after the maintenance measures. Of course the downtime work must proceed with utmost care and expertise. But the interim storage of the fragile plant components must also be well equipped.

Optimal climate for the interim storage

Provisions must be made in particular under harsh environmental conditions. If turbines, boilers and motors are stored in a moist environment, damages can arise in a very short amount of time, which can prove to be very costly for the operator. Moisture attacks the plant components, oxidising the metal. The result is corrosion, which affects the material significantly. To prevent such damages, interim storage facilities are prepared and equipped with high-performance industrial dehumidifiers. The ideal partner for this is the TTR series of dehumidifiers from Trotec, as they ensure that the plant components are constantly protected and can be re-integrated in top condition after the downtime work.

The TTR dehumidifiers – true professionals

Long-lasting, low-maintenance, flexible to configure and of course with an extremely high dehumidifying performance: That would be the TTR adsorption drying units, which protect all plant components during downtime work. They guarantee effective constant dehumidification, even at low dew points. All models: Here, the professional quality “Made in Germany” is at work, an original Trotec fabrication!

When it comes to particularly precise, low-maintenance and economical conditioning of large volume streams of dry air in industrial applications, these models are strongly recommended. Here you will find an optimal combination of extreme durability and great performance capacity of the special rotors along with internal heat recovery.

Some of the many advantages:

  • Professional “Made in Germany” quality – originally produced by Trotec
  • Configurable airflow direction shift for all models
  • Already fitted with various functions and comprehensive equipment as standard
  • Highly economical due to modular assembly conception
  • Can be individually configured for just about any application due to diverse equipment options
  • Integrated heat recovery
  • Electrical regeneration heating

More information on the TTR series adsorption dehumidifiers can be found here.

TTR professional dehumidifiers also for rent

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