NEW air cooler PAE 25 – cools and refreshes with no installation restrictions!


Twice as cool: Our new air cooler PAE 25 creates a pleasant coolness – and in contrast to conventional air conditioning units without chemical coolants, without laborious installations and without an exhaust hose having to be connected to doors or windows! And the device also makes a fine air freshener. Coolest of all: Thanks to the early booking discount, you enjoy hefty savings by ordering theair coolerby the shipment in CW 20!

Its technology is as elegant as its design. Our new air cooler takes on its task with no installation restrictions: its recipe for success lies in the smart combination of blast air and evaporation cooling.
The blast air is cooled through the evaporation of cold water and by a cold pack and then blown out by the ventilator. What’s more, the PAE 25 also acts as an air freshener even when the cooling function is not activated. With the ventilation function, the intake air is first purified in the integrated air filter as well as the sophisticated honeycomb structure of the evaporation filter, then it is humidified and finally – cooled or even not cooled – fed back into the room.

Plus you can enjoy this all-around comfortable climate completely carefree, because the PAE 25 wins out with its superior energy efficiency compared to conventional air conditioning units. Our air cooler cools and freshens small to medium rooms with a power consumption of only 65 watts – there is hardly a cooler way to save money!

This is how it works

A large water tank with a capacity of 6 litres allows our air cooler to cool and humidify for long periods of time: The hourly water consumption, at about 1 litre, is so low that the water – for example during a day at the office – must only be refilled once each day.
The four ventilation speeds, adjustable blast direction and ability to switch on automatic swivelling movement in swing mode provide you with additional options for even better distribution of the cool room air. In addition, the quiet operating mode of the device enables use of the air cooler even at night. The energy-conserving timer function rounds out the equipment of the PAE 25. You can operate the air cooler either with the remote control or using the control panel embedded in the top of the device. With its four wheels and the practical integral design of the handle, the exceedingly compact air cooler PAE 25 can be transported conveniently and can be used in nearly all interiors – anywhere a cool breeze would be greatly appreciated.

Four out of the many advantages, that I particularly like:

  • the practical ventilation function for air cooling and freshening
  • the efficient evaporation cooling with honeycomb technology
  • the climate-friendly operation thanks to water evaporation
  • the increase in cooling performance by means of cold packs and ice cubes

Air cooler PAE 25 – stay cool and save cash!

Enjoy the benefits of our current early booking discount up until delivery in calendar week 20: Order the air cooler PAE 25 today for 99.56 € incl. VATinstead of 119.94 € – now in the Trotec shop!

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