Amazing Bonus Discounts on the Brand New TTK 30 SP and the TTK 70 S

The Wheel of Fortune savings campaign40% off! As you are used to from Trotec there’s yet another amazing dazzling discounts campaign waiting in the wings. All you have to do is spin the Wheel of Fortune. Just try a few times and be prepared to get a discount of up to 40% off the regular price of a TTK 30 SP or a TTK 70 S. Try your luck and make a bumper savings right now!

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Limited Edition! The TTK 30 SP is the latest appliance of the premium TTK S Series. Coming as a limited edition this offer is valid only while stocks last. So be quick off the mark and get your appliance right now!

Designed for steady action this dehumidifier dehumidifies heated rooms of up to 12 m². So the TTK 30 SP is suited best for the use at home or in offices. But even a heated cellar can be dehumidified by this small high-quality dehumidifier without any troubles. And what about the technical data? Well, let’s have a look:

The TTK 30 SP provides steady actionThe TKK 30 SP dehumidifier got…

  • a maximum dehumidification performance of 12 litres in 24 hours
  • an air flow rate of 100 m³/h
  • an electronic automatic defrosting mode
  • a maximum power input of 0.21 kW
  • a room air filter
  • a twin condensed water discharge system
  • a spillover protection

TTK 30 SP – the P stands for Permanent!
Please keep in mind that this device doesn’t have a timer function as well as a hygrostat to ensure the continuous operation it has been designed for.

Go here if you like to see more practical advantages of the TTK 30 SP dehumidifier.

The famous TTK 70 S dehumidifierThe TTK 70 S is back again! After a while the wait is over now. The TTK 70 S power dehumidifier is available again – and this dehumidifier still rocks! Offered since summer 2009 the TTK 70 S has become a real bestseller. Convincing with a maximum dehumidification performance of 20 litres in 24 hours this dehumidifier found its way into a lot of living rooms, offices and holiday homes.

But you better see for yourself! Go here for further information on the TTK 70 S dehumidifier.

You can also have an overview of the powerful dehumidifiers of the TTK S Series.

Check out the new IDS-900 indirect oil heating unit

The Trotec IDS-900 oil heating unit is the most powerful appliance in its series. The device is suited best to heat large halls or a different number of rooms!

For a higher level of efficiency the IDS-900 oil heating units are equipped with a streaming-optimised stainless steel furnace chamber. Benefit from an epoxide-coated steel frame with a double-walled housing for optimal noise reduction as well as soundproofing and a compact and robust design. The warm air transport is provided by an especially powerful axial fan. You can even reach a very high efficiency while connecting more than one air transport hose.

IDS-900 oil heating units are also equipped with an electronic flame safeguard, a thermostat-controlled automatic ventilation, an oil filter and many more smart feature to make the use of this device as userfriendly and easy as possible.

So let’s have a look at some technical data of the IDS-900 oil heating units:
One appliance has a heating capacity of 221 kW, an high air flow rate of 12.500 m3/h and an input voltage of 230 V.

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Trotec heating units are preparing for the cold time of the year

Heating units season discountsThe heating season is just around the corner and there are a lot of new super special savings offers waiting in the wings!

The days are growing shorter and they are getting colder, too.
But Trotec won’t let you freeze! Our electric heaters as well as the oil heating units are coming with dazzling discounts and an outstanding cost/performance ratio.

The mobile IDS-oil heating units are ready to keep workshops, cowsheds, greenhouses and sites warm. Get your heating unit, equipped with many features and practical advantages, for a special discount price. An oil heating unit in the IDS-series offers an electronic flame safeguard, a stainless steel combustion chamber, a heat exchanger, an integrated fuel tank, extra-large wheels for high mobility as well as flexibility while in use, hose-connecting points for air transport hoses and a fully automatic aftercooling. An IDS heating unit comes with an air flow rate of up to 4,300 m³/h, can increase the temperature by more than 70 °C, has a fuel consumption starting from 1.47 l/h and a tank capacity of up to 105 litres for effective long-term use.

The electric heaters in the TDS-series fit nearly every need. The electricity driven heaters are compact and easy to transport due to their special design. They can be used in warehouses, houses, site caravans or any other possible area in the industry or on building sites. A TDS electric heater has a performance of up to 1,632 m³/h, a heating capacity of up to 22 kW and a maximum weight of 20 kg for flexible use.

It doesn’t matter if you buy an oil heater in the IDS-series or a TDS electric heater – both series come with massive markdowns. These heating units are best suited for applications in industry or in the building sector.

Prices slashed! Don’t hesitate and order your own heating unit in advance.

IDS oil heating units at a glance. Get your discount online now.

TDS electric heaters: available for very favourable discount prices.

Magazine reports on the BP20 infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometer BP20A leading German special-interests magazine reported on the Trotec BP20 infrared thermometer and the T250 infrared thermohygrometer.

The report marks the BP 20 infrared thermometer as a very user-friendly and compact device. You only have to aim, activate the device and then immediately read the result off the backlit display. The BP 20 convinces with a measuring range of -35 °C to +850 °C as well as a maximum and minimum function. This infrared thermometer has a weight of only 177 gram and can easily be transported trouser pocket.
If you also want to measure the temperature and the relative humidity with only one device you may have a look at the T250 infrared thermohygrometer.

Find more information on the BP20 infrared thermometer and the T250 thermohygrometer:

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An overview of the benefits of an T250 infrared thermohygrometer are listed here …

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Buy a TTK 100 S dehumidifier and get free accessories

TTK 100 S dehumidifierThere’s yet another special offer on one of our most famous products:
Buy a TTK 100 S dehumidifier and get the energy cost meter EKM 3650 for free!

But let’s have a look at our favoured dehumidifier first:
The TTK 100 S is one of the most powerful appliances in its class. The device got a maximum dehumidification performance of approx. 40 litres in 24h, an air flow rate of 190 m³/h and a maximum power input of 0.65 kW. The dehumidifier TTK 100 S is equipped with an adjustable hygrostat, an overload protection as well as with an automatic hot gas defrosting mode. Although having much power the device is far from being an electricity gobbler.

Just look and see – with the energy cost meter EKM 3650 !

Reveal appliances in your household consuming too much electricity. Have a look on how much power a device in standby mode needs. Simply read the measured data on a display without having to calculate any costs. The EKM 3650 is a fully automatic energy cost meter which is easy to use and very effective. This EKM 3650smart tool is also approved by a certificate of a global leader in independent testing and assessment services, called “TÜV”.

If you need further information you may have a look at our website…

…to see more benefits of the TTK 100 S dehumidifier.

…to see the technical data of the energy cost meter EKM 3650.

Wallscanner D-tect 100 demonstration models for very low prices

The one and only WallscannerThere’s yet another special savings offer on one of our top products. As you are used to from Trotec you can get a high-quality product for a very favourable price. The Wallscanner D-tect 100 is a world’s first in its class. With this measuring instrument you’re able to detect plastics pipes, aluminium pipes, wood in partition walls and many more.

Craftsmen don’t need to be afraid of hitting a water pipe anymore. The lightweight Wallscanner is an easy-to-use tool which can be taken along without any circumstances. You won’t miss to enjoy a good reputation when using the D-tect 100 during your daily work.

So don’t hesitate and get your demonstration model for a very low price. Nevertheless you have to keep in mind that there are only a few models available.

If you need further information on the technology of the Wallscanner D-tect 100 you can have a look at some impressing facts on this device on our homepage.

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Let us introduce to you the brand new Trotec B 400 large-scale humidifier

Trotec humidifiers are known best for excellent high-performance humidification, high quality and brilliant price/performance ratios. The brand new B 400 humidifier now enlarges the range of offered appliances as a powerful solution for humidifying rooms of up to 900 m². Benefit from a two-stage “3M Aircare Filter” active coal filter and get rid of dust particles and unpleasant odours in the ambient air.

The B 400 got an air flow rate of 800 m³/h and a maximum evaporation rate of approx. 60 l in 24 h. To ensure the effective operation there are distance pieces on the back of the device. So the air can circulate best and the maximum performance this large-scale humidifier has to offer can be reached. Due to two adjustable fan stages you can evaporate 34 litres the water tank can catch just like you need. Unlike common high-capacity appliance the B 400 isn’t even an electricity gobbler. The low power input of 0.053 kW won’t boost your electricity bill and you can beefy save money. There is even a possibility to connect the humidifier to a water supply for steady humidification of large rooms with valuable furniture or antiques, for example.

The B 400 large-scale humidifier
The B 400 large-scale humidifier

And if that wasn’t enough the B 400 humidifier comes with an exclusive accessory for free! Buy a Trotec B 400 and get the ingenious Ionic Silver Stick for free.

The Ionic Silver Stick for germ-free water is based on the germ-killing properties of silver. It combats more than 650 different types of bacteria and virus strains and keeps the water in your humidifier’s water tank free from algae. The ionic Silver Stick only needs to be replaced after 12 months and is maintenance-free, doesn’t need additional power and develops its full effect even the humidifier is switched off.

Seize the Opportunity and benefit from cutting-edge technologies from Trotec. Get your B 400 large-scale humidifier with a free Ionic Silver Stick now!

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The IC 60 infrared thermal imaging camera: watch the prices tumble!

Trotec infrared cameras for a very low priceYou’ve never seen such a special offer before! As of now, you can pay even less for the IC 60 than ever before without having to make compromises on performance or quality.

We at Trotec are able to offer you a professional real-time infrared camera at a truly amazing bargain price. The IC 60 is a fully radiometric infrared camera and 100 percent made in the EU. The infrared cameras in the IC-Series, which have a geometric resolution of 2.2 mrad, a temperature range from  -20°C to +250°C and a thermal sensitivity of 0.1°C, offer an utterly convincing performance for cameras in this price bracket.

And that’s not all! The scope of accessories is also a real eye-opener…

As if such an array of special features were not enough, the IC 60 infrared thermal imaging camera comes with a wide range of valuable and useful accessories. The long list of accessories includes a robust carry case that offers the infrared camera the necessary protection, a software packet which offers an extensive range of analysis possibilities and an ion battery including a 110/230 volt charging station with an indicator display.

So act NOW and get your IC 60 infrared camera with cutting-edge infrared technology before it’s too late!

Get your bumper discount on a TTK 100 S dehumidifier – offer ends soon!

This special offer for the TTK 100 S has been such a success over the past few weeks that we’ve hardly had time to catch our breaths! Now’s the time to make the most of our special rock-bottom prices  while the offer still lasts!TTK 100 S dehumidifier

This fabulous special offer will be ending soon – so you have to act quickly to get your cut-price TTK 100 S premium dehumidifier before it runs out. The TTK 100 S will then only be available at our normal list price.

So hurry, hurry, hurry! This could be your last chance to get a TTK 100 S at this special bargain price. Order your TKK 100 S dehumidifier until 1 October 2009 and save now!

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Buy your TTK 100 S dehumidifier at our special knock-down price

Special package price: B 200 eco humidifier + free Ionic Silver Stick

B 200 eco humidifier incl. free Ionic Silver Stick 10Are you looking for an appliance which humidifies a room reliable while being affordable? A humidifier just to suit your needs? Then listen up! The solution is called B 200 eco. A humidifier equipped with cutting-edge technology for a favourable price. And here’s the kicker: you get an extra Ionic Silver Stick 10 – for free!

The B 200 eco humidifier is designed for the use in rooms up to approx. 600 m². The device has an air flow rate of 500 m³/h at a low power consumption of only 0.15 kW. It has an evaporation rate of approx. 43,2 l/24h and the humidifier has a water tank of 19 litres. The B 200 eco can be disassembled very easy without the help of any tools. So the device can be cleaned problem-free and due to a actival coal system dust and odours are filtered out of the air.

The Ionic Silver Stick 10 is a stand-alone water purifier. It purifies the water from germs, algae and more than 650 types of viruses and bacteria.

You shouldn’t miss that chance on such a great deal. Buy a B 200 eco humidifier and benefit from high-performance appliance and guaranteed high-quality parts of the Trotec-assortment.