Enjoy your terrace all year round: The optimal heating solution

Are the days numbered when you spend your evenings or nights on the terrace just because the temperature doesn’t cooperate? Too often, the cool weather disappoints us, especially when we want to enjoy the fresh air under the starry sky. But there’s a solution that outsmarts nature and turns your terrace into a warm oasis, even if spring is still lingering or autumn is already sending early greetings.

The problem: The unused terrace

The terrace is a place of comfort and relaxation—a private refuge that unfortunately remains unused all too often. As temperatures drop, this potential paradise becomes an abandoned space. The cold effectively locks us out of our own outdoor area, turning barbecue evenings into frosty affairs and leaving us shivering indoors.

The inconvenience: Missed moments

Every unused moment on your terrace is a missed opportunity to enjoy the beauty of your garden, spend time with your loved ones, or simply experience a moment of peace under the sky. These moments are precious, and it’s almost tragic to sacrifice them to the weather.

The solution: Modern heaters for your terrace

Fortunately, you no longer have to succumb to the whims of the weather. With the right heating devices, you can transform your terrace into a cozy, inviting space that beckons you to linger regardless of the season. Today, we present to you three top contenders in the world of terrace heating:

  1. Design Ceiling Heater IR 1510 SC: A modern infrared ceiling heater that not only impresses with its performance but is also a real eye-catcher. With three heating levels, a remote control, and an elegant carmine red umbrella reflector, it’s the perfect addition to any terrace or balcony.

    Design ceiling heater IR 1510 SC

    Design ceiling heater IR 1510 SC, Modern 1,500 W infrared ceiling heater with carmine red umbrella reflector, three…

    £139.95 MSRP
    Incl. statutory VAT
  2. Infrared Heater IR 2400: Quick infrared warmth without taking up space. This model is particularly known for its weather-resistant design. Rain or dust — nothing can harm this robust heater. Ideal for outdoor use and in gastronomy.

    Infrared radiant heater IR 2400

    Infrared radiant heater IR 2400, 2,400 watt powerful twin infrared heat in a pleasant ruby red light for summer…

    £309.95 MSRP
    Incl. statutory VAT
  3. Design Floor Heater IRS 2010: This height-adjustable 2,000-watt stainless steel floor heater with integrated LED spots and weather protection according to IP55 stands out not only for its functionality but also for its impressive design. It provides flexible heating for private and commercial outdoor areas and turns cold evenings into a pleasant experience with its two-stage infrared warmth.

    IRS 2010 Design Floor Heater

    IRS 2010 Design radiant heater, Height-adjustable 2,000-watt stainless steel floor-standing radiant heater with…

    £379.95 MSRP
    Incl. statutory VAT

Choose warmth, choose comfort

Transform your terrace into a year-round oasis of well-being. Our heaters offer not only warmth but also design and comfort. Experience how easy it is to take control of the ambiance in your outdoor area. Explore our entire range of terrace heaters and find the perfect solution for your needs.

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