Don’t plan your bike tour without us: the all-around sets from Trotec

The days are getting longer and warmer. Everywhere you can hear the ringing of bicycles, the enticing hum of their tires, the clicking of the gearshift. Are you back in the saddle already? What, it’s loose? The handlebars too? And the chain guard is rattling down below? Many problems, one solution – Trotec’s hand tools. With the 15-in-1 multifunction tool and/or the 40-piece bit and socket set, no screw remains loose, and every nut stays tight. Even on the go – after all, our super compact multi-tools are practically designed for travel!

Two all-around sets for almost all applications

With the practical 15-in-1 multifunction tool and/or the well-equipped 40-piece bit and socket set, you are optimally equipped for many everyday applications. With these two all-around sets, you always have a whole variety of different attachments ready for most screwing and repair work. And one of them almost always fits! In addition, with our compact and multifunctional all-around sets, you not only save space and weight but also real money!

15-in-1 Multifunction Tool – handy for on the go

Whether on bike and motorcycle tours or small and larger repair works – Trotec’s multitool with screwdriver bits, sockets, folding knife, and mini saw simply belongs in every household and in every travel gear. Thanks to the various attachments, you always have the right tool on hand for screwing, repairing, or checking work. Thanks to the compact design, you can conveniently store the handy tool in any jacket or pants pocket and have it ready for daily use indoors and outdoors.

40-piece Bit and Socket Set – well-equipped all around

The practical all-around set with numerous screwdriver bits, sockets, and a sturdy ratchet screwdriver is the ideal hand tool for home or on the go. In addition to direct access to a wide selection of suitable attachments such as Torx, Inbus, Pozidriv, cross, and slotted bits, the set also includes 2 adapters and a super compact screwdriver with ratchet function. Thanks to its minimal return angle of only 7.5°, you can still perform rotational movements even in tight spaces.

Hand tools in the practical all-around set – in Trotec brand quality

Benefit from Trotec brand quality as a guarantee of high value, safety, and functionality. Find out more today about our compact all-around sets and our current offer prices – now in the Trotec shop!

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