Wind, wind go away come again another day.

Windstorm at the beachA friend of mine recently returned from a well-earned holiday which she spent in Portugal. And from what I was able to gather she had a lovely time, lapping up the sun and lying on the beach, wrapped in a beach towel, watching bronzed young men eager to impress onlookers with a display of their effortlessly acquired beach volleyball skills. Did I say wrapped in a beach towel?

Well, according to her account of what she experienced on holiday, it wasn’t the little mites, bless them, kicking up sand and jumping around excitedly as they built sandcastles and dug their warrens of trenches, or the athletic posers feigning a game of beach volleyball that bothered her most while she tried to unwind and enjoy her trip down to the beach – it was the wind.

Because although my friend was well aware of the fact that the holiday resorts along stretches of the Atlantic coast are recognised as not always being the calmest of places, she had not counted on ending up lying on a beach cocooned in a large Terry towel if she were to have any chance of braving the gusty squalls and strong winds that were whipping up the sand, whirling sunshades around and tearing at the billowing windbreakers.

So how come nobody has come up with the idea of not only checking out water temperatures and the air temperatures at holiday resorts but also wind speeds – preferably before somebody ends up stuck on a beach in the middle of a medium-sized sandstorm?

Of course there are those who would scoff and for whom the winds can hardly be strong enough. Kite gliders, yachtsmen and blokarters love rough winds and balmy breezes. According to my friend there was even a group of surfers who said that they had come from all the way from Australia just to tame the big waves that thunder down on the shores of the Portuguese coastline.

So wouldn’t it seem to be a good idea to measure wind speeds at popular beach resorts so that holidaymakers can decide what kind of a holiday they would like and what kind of winds they are likely to expect?

There are in fact already websites like BBC Weather which cater for tourists who would like to check out the weather as well as short and long-term forecasts before they set off for their holiday destination. And if it’s wind speeds you’re most interested in, you can visit and find an abundance of in-depth information on the prevailing wind conditions.

But when you have arrived at the holiday destination of your dreams, there is no longer any need for you to rely on third-party information when you want to check out wind speeds. The BA 05 anemometer is an easy-to-use handheld measuring device designed to provide you with accurate and reliable information on wind, air and gas flow speeds which can be displayed in either feet per minute, metres per second, kilometres or miles per hour and knots. Such a wonderfully handy measuring device is ideal for water sportsmen and women who choose their equipment – and select their tactics – according to the type and strength of the winds.

From what my friend told me, the wind did finally abate after another two days and she was able to spend the rest of her holiday basking in the sun on the beaches of her Portuguese seaside resort In between the lively, little toddlers and the brazen, bronzed beach volleyballers.

Well, you can’t have everything, can you?

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