TVM series fans – finally available again!

We warned you! Once. Twice. Again and again: “Order now!” and “Don’t wait!” we said. And indeed, it had barely been announced that the iconic TVM series fans were available – and they were already gone. And everyone who took some time to think the decision over was left out in the cold. Now there is another chance to get the cool retro design, because the TVM fans are available again. All we have to say is this: Place your order as soon as you can!

Each of the TVM series wind machines is a real eye-catcher with its retro design, and a super elegant highlight for the office or at home. In modern chrome styling or in classic matt black, they cut as good a figure at a party or in a restaurant as they do in a photo shoot. And like all Trotec fans, they provide unbeatable value for money when it comes to purchasing and operating costs compared to rival cooling solutions. That’s because they don’t have to use a lot of energy to cool all the air in the room like an air conditioning unit, but instead simply produce wind which causes the layer of sweat on the skin to evaporate, thus generating cooling by evaporation. This makes the air feel much cooler, even though it is the same temperature as before.

The benefits at a glance – TVM series fans

  • are carefully produced and manufactured entirely out of metal according to traditional specifications – even the motor is equipped with a copper coil, which guarantees a long service life.
  • are all equipped with three adjustable speed levels – from a quiet breeze to a strong wind.
  • are each equipped with a fully swivelling fan head, meaning that it can be flexibly inclined in any desired direction, and the wind flow can thus be adjusted to individual needs.
  • have a metal basket securely surrounding the rotating fan blades to protect them.
  • offer additional application possibilities in commercial spaces, thanks to the versatile wall and ceiling bracket – available as an optional accessory of the TVM series – which also prevents unauthorised access to the devices.

TVM Series pedestal and floor fans – iconic value for money!

Order the TVM pedestal and floor fan of your choice at our current offer prices today:

  • Floor fan TVM 12                    reduced from £47.54 to just £25.66
  • Floor fan TVM 14                    reduced from £52.29 to just £28.51
  • Floor fan TVM 18                    reduced from £66.58 to just £33.26
  • Pedestal fan TVM 18 S           reduced from £85.60 to just £47.54
  • Floor fan TVM 20 D                reduced from £104.64 to just £57.06

incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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