TTK 100 S premium dehumidifier at a reduced rate of 30 %

The TTK 100 S dehumidifier is one of the most successful appliances in its category. Sold more than a thousand times the device already proves itself in innumerable living rooms, offices and cellars.

We want you to benefit from this high-quality dehumidifier and offer the TTK 100 S at a reduced of 30 % now!

Be prepared to purchase a high-efficiency appliance offering a variety of useful features like: a compact and very nice design, a powerful rotary compressor, an adjustable built-in hygrostat for unmonitored use, a qualitative hot gas defrost system as well as a twin condensed water discharge system for permanent dryings. The TTK 100 S produces up to 40 litres in 24 hours and is equipped with an integrated air filter and a spillover protection for a quite comfortable use.

Purchase the TTK 100 S dehumidifier online now and save, save, save …

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