TTK 75 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

Great value and powerful, reliable and easy to operate. Is there any better recommendation than this concise profile of the TTK 75 E? The pleasantly discreet dehumidifier with its strikingly good performance is the ideal device for keeping even larger living spaces, offices, sanitary facilities and basements dry. The comfort device with its semi-intuitive function, currently back in stock, is part of what makes it so impressive: Set it up, switch it on, set the dehumidifying values and done!

The TTK 75 E is equipped with a particularly efficient fan that can supply the condenser with large amounts of air for dehumidification. That is how this comfort device has such a high air-dehumidification performance ratio of up to 20 litres per day, making it the ideal solution for keeping large indoor spaces dry up to 45 m² in size.

The benefits at a glance – the TTK 75 E dehumidifier

  • can be adjusted to the desired humidity level by turning the integrated hygrostat as needed. When the limit is exceeded, the device is activated automatically. Once the desired humidity level has been reached, the compressor switches itself off again to save energy.
  • is also designed for continuous operation. Thanks to the integrated drainage connection , the condensed water can be drained immediately via a tube. This allows the device to be used for example for unsupervised continuous drying, such as in a holiday home.
  • is equipped with a practical filling level warning light as well as a over-flow guard with automatic shut-off.
  • is also suitable for allergy sufferers. That is because theeasy-to-access and easy-to-clean air filter reliably filters animal hairs, fluff, fuzz and dust out of the indoor air and prevents bacterial growth.
  • Is equipped with practical carrying handles and transport rollers that allow it to change where it is used conveniently.

The TTK 75 E dehumidifier – one of our best recommendations

Order the TTK 75 E dehumidifier today at our current sale price, reduced from £242.27 to just £130.42 incl. VAT. – in the Trotec shop now!

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