Trotec4U now new on Facebook! Pass it on!

Trotec on Facebook

Yes, it’s not a red herring. After much experimenting and debating and trying things out we have finally got there! Trotec4U is the new face on Facebook. Having successfully launched our internet presence on Facebook in both German and Turkish it seemed only natural that we should provide a platform for our English speaking customers and readers.

Because although the Trotec Group is a German-based company with branches in Austria, France, Turkey and China, we have long had ambitions and aspirations with regard to the English-speaking world  – and Facebook ticked all the boxes when we considered the best way to entertain and inform our readers, communicate with and care for our customers and promote our jam-packed portfolio of premium but low priced products and unique blend of services.

Where will our journey take us? Who knows? Facebook thrives on the moment, on impulses, on the power to change.

And it thrives on its fans.

Which is where you come in. Why not just drop on by and see what we have to say and we what we have to offer? And hopefully in return we will get to hear what you have to say, what you feel and think and what you like and dislike.

We, the dedicated and never-clueless social media team at the heart of this enterprise, are planning on bringing you all the latest news, views and run-downs on what is happening in our expanding and pulsating company – but true to Facebook style no long-winded product placement presentations but super special offers, competitions and prizes, real-life tips and hands-on advice designed to make your life easier, better and more enjoyable. It’s a tall order, we know – and we won’t be able to do it without you – but this could be the start of something big and you could be among the first to have joined in.

So let’s make Trotec4U a Facebook page with a difference. Let’s make it stand out from the crowd. Make your voice heard.

… Like?

By the way… we are already in the starting blocks, ready to launch our first dazzling new competition. Watch out for more details on our Facebook page and here on our blog. Remember, you heard it here first.

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