Trotec tips to beat the heat – the PAC 2000 E air conditioner

Tip of the day: “Enjoy an icy cold massage” Dip your finger tips in ice cold water, press them on your temples, and immediately you feel somewhat refreshed.  Or would you prefer complete refreshment? Then please take a look at our PAC 2000 E air conditioner: Super compact construction, stylish design, includes cooling, dehumidifying and ventilating functions, energy saving thanks to its energy efficiency class A and above all – super affordable!

It’s true that the PAC 2000 E air conditioner really has all the advantages on its side – and soon so could you: This space saver can fit even in the smallest of niches and its 2.1 kW cooling capacity means it can effortlessly cool rooms up to 65 m³ to as low as 16 °C. Everything is packed into a design which is as compact as it is well-made – now for an overview of the most important features of the air conditioning system.

Beat the heat – thanks to these benefits

  • In addition to the cooling function, you can also use the PAC 2000 E as a dehumidifier, with a dehumidification capacity of up to 18 litres a day, or as a ventilator without cooling operation.
  • Two separate air filters clean the air before it is discharged into the room, thus ensuring a low level of irritants in the interior climate.
  • The device has been awarded energy efficiency class A.  You can therefore operate the air conditioning unit for a little longer guilt-free.
  • The timer function enables time-controlled and energy-saving activation and deactivation of the device.
  • With the help of the low-maintenance membrane keyboard and the LED display, the PAC 2000 E is easy to operate. Alternatively you can control the device from the comfort of your sofa using the infrared remote control.
  • Due to its compact dimensions, integrated cable reel and the convenient transport castors, you can comfortably wheel the air conditioner from room to room – for instance, from the living room to the bedroom in the evening before going to bed.
  • Our additional tip: Use the practical AirLock 100 window sealing to mount the exhaust pipe: this ensures a window feed-through that doesn’t let any cold air escape and also prevents insects from getting in.

PAC 2000 E air conditioner – enjoy complete refreshment!

Order the air conditioner PAC 2000 E today at our current sale price of £212.77 instead of £357.88 incl. VAT – available now in the Trotec shop!

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