Trotec tips to beat the heat – the new PAC 2000 X air conditioner

The tip of the day: “Take an anti-sweat bath!” Those who don’t want to drip from all pores in the heat should mix lukewarm bathwater with 12 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds. Because doing this calms sweat glands! And, of course, purchasing the 3-in-1 PAC 2000 X air conditioner helps: the all-rounder provides cool freshness and dehumidification and, moreover, has a convenient heating function – very pleasant if you get out of the lukewarm bath with a slight chill …

Equally pleasant is being able to use the inverse function of the air conditioning unit for heating in the cooler evening hours – and they will be back in time! But right now it’s midsummer and here the PAC 2000 X offers impressive features all round in spite of its space-saving design – for example, a cooling and heating power of 2.0 kW as well as a dehumidification capacity of 30 litres per day. The air conditioner is therefore perfect for rooms of up to 26 m²!

Beat the heat – thanks to these benefits

  • The PAC 2000 X is equipped with a convenient automatic function. The integrated room thermostat determines the current room temperature and the automatic mode regulates the cooling – depending on the ambient and target temperature.
  • 3 ventilation levels ensure circulation of the room air – this is done separately and, what’s more, without switching on the cooling function!
  • In spite of a variety of functions, the air conditioner has the power and cost-saving energy efficiency class A: you can thus operate this air conditioning unit for a little longer in good conscience.
  • In addition, the PAC 2000 X has a 24-hour timer. The timer enables time-controlled activation and deactivation if you would like to use the air conditioner only at certain times. Therefore, this function also saves you cash …
  • The IR remote control supplied with the delivery allows you to either control all individual settings comfortably from your sofa or via the low-maintenance membrane keyboard control panel on the device itself.
  • The multi-function device can be conveniently moved between alternating operation sites thanks to its compact, space-saving, slim design and the practical castors.
  • Our extra tip: To affix the exhaust hose, use the practical and optionally available AirLock 100 window sealing: this ensures a window feed-through that does not let any cold air escape and also prevents insects from getting inside.

PAC 2000 X air conditioner – the all-rounder that cools, dehumidifies and heats!

Order the PAC 2000 X air conditioner today at our current sale price, reduced from £350.69 to just £236.94 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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