Trotec Certified as Trusted Shop

Online buying is big business. The internet has become a global marketplace and the magnitude and diversity of the products which the internet has to offer is quite simply staggering.

Whereas the consumers of yesteryear flocked to the high streets or congregated in droves in shopping malls to hunt for a bargain and compare prices, today’s cybershoppers have a more modern approach to shopping and savour the benefits of being able to order the articles they wish to purchase from a wide range of products from the comfort – and safety – of their homes.

But just how safe are they?

Internet fraud has many guises and the number of websites designed solely with the intention of scamming buyers who think that they are on to a good bargain has rocketed. The number of people who have lost money on purchases made over the internet because they have placed their trust in the wrong company and fallen victim to one of countless different scams has risen steadily over the years and now runs into the millions.

Scams like retail fraud whereby a buyer pays for goods which never arrive or identity theft whereby unwitting buyers who have been baited with mouthwatering bargains supply the devious fraudsters with sensitive information including credit card codes or bank details which can later be used to carry out purchases in their name. This scam is especially harrowing for those who have been scammed because the victims often have trouble convincing the companies and the debt collecting agencies involved that they did not receive the products which were bought in their name and are therefore often blacklisted or treated as criminals themselves.

How then is it possible to protect oneself against such criminal energy?

Both the Ministry of Justice and the consumer watchdog No.1 Stiftung Warentest recommend that you only buy online from product portals that are certified as belonging to Trusted Shops as these portals are checked and monitored in accordance with the rigorous Trusted Shops quality criteria and as such offer a high degree of customer protection. Protection against both retail fraud and credit card fraud. And a money-back guarantee as well as a contact person who will help you with any questions you have should you wish to return the goods you have bought.

So now there is nothing to stop you from visiting our website and buying one of the high-quality dehumidifiers, building dryers, fans or cutting-edge measuring devices designed especially for trade and industry, the construction industry or private and domestic use.

Buy online at the Trotec Shop and rest assured that your order will be processed quickly, reliably and efficiently and that your data will be protected against misuse and treated confidentially at all times.

This is not just a promise. It has been certified by the consumer protection agency “Trusted Shops” which awarded Trotec24. The Trusted Shop’s seal of approval making it one of over 7,000 selected online shops which have been checked according to the most stringent of standards!

Buy now at Trotec and benefit from our excellent service, certified quality and comprehensive safety standards.

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