Trotec advisor: What do you need a dehumidifier for?

Our advisor takes a look at this frequently asked question, since many people are hardly aware of how much of an effect the indoor climate can have on their personal well-being. Air humidity has a great impact on this, and can influence it in both positive and negative ways. Did you know, for example, that mould can form from as little as 70 % air humidity – and that rust can form at 60 %? Find out now how dehumidifiers can be effective in creating the optimal climate for you.

People across the world tend to feel most comfortable with a indoor temperature of 20 to 22 °C and with 40 to 60 % air humidity. Most people find climate conditions outside of these values​uncomfortable. The “indoor climate” can, however, fluctuate greatly depending on the season and climatic conditions outdoors. For example, on cold winter days Moist air flows from the outside to the inside and condenses on the apartment walls – it is then only a matter of time before mould begins to form. On warm summer days this effect can be seen in the basement, which, due to its underground location, is much colder than the moist warm air that flows in.

How humidifiers can significantly improve the quality of living

The popular and widely held assumption that intermittent ventilation is the solution to humidity problems is only correct to a limited extent. It is often more humid outside than it is inside and therefore,ventilation causes even more moisture to enter the room. Also, only very few people ever have the time to ventilate a room consistently. In winter, rooms should be ventilated up to four times throughout the day and all windows kept open for five to ten minutes to ensure air exchange. This is difficult to maintain for working singles or couples.

In contrast to this, dehumidifiers immediately ensure a pleasantly dry home. They effectively prevent the moisture stored in the air from condensing on the cold walls. This professional solution is particularly useful in cases of mould formation on walls, water damage, drying out new buildings, damp walls, musty odours, the formation of rust and generally in cases of bad or unhealthy indoor climates.

Why all dehumidifiers aren’t the same

In order to remove moisture from the indoor air, there are two technical processes: dehumidification by means of condensation and by means of adsorption. All of the appliances on offer that serve as refrigeration dryers, condenser dryers, condensation air dehumidifiers or Peltier dehumidifiers are based on the condensation principle. However, there are the technologies for adsorption drying, which are used in electrical appliances with warm air regeneration – the so-called adsorption air dehumidifiers.

  • Adsorption dryers

In adsorption dryers, moisture is removed from the air using a drying agent. The condensate resulting from this process is transported outside in a hose through an opening in the building. For this reason, adsorption dryers are generally not suitable for enclosed rooms.

  • Condenser dryers

Condenser dryers are the top-selling dehumidifying appliances. Their simple operation and low purchase price are what make them so attractive. Just like refrigerators, they work with a cooling agent. The cold air is sucked in by a compressor, condenses into water and drips into a container, while dry warm air is expelled. Due to this mode of operation, they are particularly suitable for enclosed, warm rooms, such as bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms.

Furthermore, no matter which technical variant you choose: Trotec, as a leading manufacturer of dehumidifiers, has both model series in its product range as a matter of course. Each appliance not only guarantees clean air, but also an adequate level of air humidity thanks to innovative filtering techniques. And thanks to the wide variety of Trotec models, you can easily select the dehumidifier that’s right for you: from dehumidification capabilities right though to attractive designs and unbeatable low prices.

Which dehumidifiers are suitable for which part of the home?

Living room and bedroom, kitchen and bathroom – all of these rooms are different sizes and they have a different level of humidity in each. Dehumidifiers with a dehumidification capacity of 10 litres a day, for example the TTK 24 E from Trotec’s comfort series, are suitable for rooms up to 15 m². This dehumidifier is even perfectly suitable for small, windowless bathrooms: it regulates both the air humidity and simultaneously helps laundry to dry faster.

For larger living rooms and bedrooms up to 25 m² we recommend dehumidifiers with a dehumidification capacity of around 14 litres a day, for example the TTK 40 E. But no matter how big the rooms are in your home or even in your office, you will always find the right dehumidifier in our comfort series.

Want to find out more about the Trotec dehumidifiers in the TTK series?

Then take a quick look at our equally wide and reliable product range of dehumidifiers in the TTK comfort series. At the usual unbeatable low prices, of course – now in the Trotec shop!

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