NEW 3-IN-1 PMSS 10-220 MULTI-FUNCTION SANDER – jack of all trades!

Whether you need to remove large-surface coats of paint, polish surfaces smooth, or sand right along edges up to the corner  – the 3-in-1 PMSS 10-220 multi-function sander always hums loudly: “Here!” Then it transforms as needed into a full-fledged orbital sander, Delta sander, or random orbital sander and off it goes: From large surfaces to fine sanding to clean edges – the clever all-rounder always ensures a differentiated sanding application. Hats off!

It’s that easy: With the easy switching between three versatile sanding plates, the PMSS10-220 transformsin just seconds from an orbital to a Delta to a random orbital sander – and back again! The 3-in-1multi-function sander always ensures a differentiated sanding application. The respectively suitable sandpaper can be quickly attached by hand, as all sanding plates are equipped with a velcro system. The orbital sanding plate also has a clamping device, so that if necessary, orbital sanding can also be done using sandpaper without velcro.

How it works

Inside the multi-functional sander, a 220 W motor provides its reliable service, which doesn’t weaken even under pressure. In fact, the motor has a constantly high performance and enables an infinitely variable selection of 14,000 to 24,000 vibrations per minute. This ensures work suitable for the material of any substrate.

The PMSS 10-220 was logically designed for effortless continuous use. The all-rounder with guide qualities is therefore comfortably and purposefully driven even for long surface applications, as it has an ideal centre of gravity. In addition to the main handle with a rubber soft grip inlay for extra good grip, the multi-function sander is also equipped with a guiding knob which enables two-hand operation. This frontal knob also houses the setting wheel for the vibration selection, easily accessible for material-appropriate adjustment during operation.

Fine to ultra fine sanding dust settles, like mildew, anywhere that is sanded. To counteract this, the PMSS 10-220 multi-function sander offers two possibilities for keeping the workplace free of dust: On one hand, a robust dust collection box with an integrated filter system can be fixed on the device with snap locks and simply removed again for emptying. In addition, an external dust extraction system can be attached – all connection accessories for this, as well as a dust collection box, are included in the standard scope of delivery.

Four of many advantages that I particularly like

  • the three devices in one: orbital sander, Delta sander or random orbital sander the constantly high performance even under load
  • the design for continuous operation
  • the infinitely variable vibration count

PMSS 10-220 multi-function sander – TÜV-certified brand quality!

It is available from CW 15. Order the new 3-in-1 PMSS 10-220 multi-function sander today at our current offer price, reduced from € 49.94 to only € 29.95 incl. VAT. – now in the Trotec-Shop!

The PMSS 10-220 is delivered in TÜV-certified quality as a guarantee for high value, safety and functionality – complete in the case with a dust collection box, adapter for external dust extraction, orbital sanding plate, random orbital sanding plate, Delta sanding plate, and two sanding discs per attachment with grain sizes 80 and 240.

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