There’s more to a dehumidifier than meets the eye…

a luxury yacht and a dehumidifier

What do a 120 metre luxury yacht and a dehumidifier have in common? Not a lot you might think. And in many respects you would be right. You won’t find many front rooms, basements or cellars large enough to accommodate a class II super yacht with three decks, two Monets and a celebrity chef on board, and only an intrepid explorer – or a fool perhaps – would even consider attempting to cross the channel on a dehumidifier (we’re not even sure if they would stay afloat – here’s another experiment which our dedicated and highly creative social media team might wish to contemplate carrying out– see “Cooking pasta and saving energy: A Test”).

Yet although there would seem to be little or nothing which these two very differently-priced objects – one costing anywhere upwards of a million dollars a month just to charter and the other only a mere 82 euros to buy – may have by way of similarity, there is a much stronger tie that unites the two than first meets the eye…

Dehumidifiers are not only ideal for controlling the climate in your home and protecting your rooms, cellars and basements against mould and the problems that excess moisture can cause, they are also ideal for ensuring that you don’t have to worry about similar problems when sailing the Seven Seas with your nose to the wind and straddling the deck of – yes, you’ve guessed it – your very own luxury yacht.

But in times like these, with the recession biting, interest rates rising and house prices falling, we wouldn’t want to create the impression that we only keen to cater for a clientele that has grown accustomed to the less simple life and for whom splashing out on a class II cruiser is no more extraordinary than spending a day down at the shops. What we do wish to demonstrate, however, is how versatile our dehumidifiers are and the sheer endless number of possibilities for which they are most excellently suited. This is because we have been in the business of manufacturing models, from the ultra compact to the incredibly powerful, for over 15 years now, which is why we know what our clients are looking for and how life-enhancing a low cost dehumidifier can be for you and your family.

And, as we said before, because we would like to point out that you can use them to dehumidify just about any place imaginable: your yacht, your home, your office, your workplace, your cellar, your walk-in wardrobe – you could even use them to dehumidify your Platinum Plus RV if that’s what you really wanted.

Yes, it just so happens to be the most expensive recreational vehicle in the world.

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