The NEW PHDS 10-230V impact drill – the powerhouse!

This is exactly what passionate craftsmen as well as beginners have been waiting for:

a compact and powerful impact drill such as the PHDS 10‑230V which allows you to carry out impact drilling, drilling and screwing tasks in wood, concrete or steel with fast work progress. In fact, drilling, hammering and screwing can be carried out with this branded, TÜV-certified quality impact drill with exceptional comfort and ease – thanks to its low weight and ergonomic compact design.

Our new PHDS 10‑230V impact drill is also the ideal beginner model for inexperienced users to use around the home and in the garden – and can always be optimally used, e.g. as a helpful universal tool when you move into your first home. A powerful striking mechanism with a high drilling capacity, professional functions and, above all, its easy handling are features that make the impact drill stand out. For example, you can intuitively control the device’s 650 Watt impact drilling power by simply increasing the pressure on the start button.

As the device is also equipped with a speed limiter for material-specific working, which is integrated as an access-friendly setting wheel directly in the start button, you can also precisely adapt the maximum speed to the material, material thickness and intended use by using the control electronics. This can be done even in continuous operation, which can be easily activated via the lock button key. This makes drilling smooth surfaces and screwing in screws mere child’s play.

How it works

The PHDS 10‑230V is also equipped with a quick-release chuck with spindle lock, which allows for the rapid replacement of screwdriving or drilling attachments. The easily accessible and easy-to-change directional switch for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation facilitates quick screw-in and screw-out changes. All commercially available drills or screwdriver bits up to a shaft diameter of 13 mm can be clamped in the impact drill. The powerful motor guarantees fast work progress when drilling into wood up to a drill diameter of 30 mm, when impact drilling into masonry and concrete up to a diameter of 13 mm or when drilling holes up to 10 mm wide in metal. An adjustable metal drill depth stop, which is included in the delivery, allows you to create drill depths that can be repeated exactly.

The pistol grip offers you several holding positions at once: in addition to the classic position at the bottom of the ergonomically designed, rubber-coated handle, you can also hold the tool further up with your thumb and index finger – in the designated soft grip zone with recessed grips. For secure two-hand control, you can attach the second handle, which is included in the delivery, to the PHDS 10‑230V. As an ideal solution for both right and left handed users, this can be rotated 360°, positioned and then fixed securely in order to prevent further rotation.

Four of the many advantages which I particularly like:

  • the branded impact drill with TÜV-certified quality
  • the powerful 650 Watt motor for quick work progress
  • its universally applicability: it can be used on masonry, concrete, wood or metal
  • the start button for infinitely variable speed control

PHDS 10-230V impact drill – even the price has been drilled away at!

Order the new PHDS 10-230V impact drill today at our current offer price, reduced from £37.33 to just £25.19 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

Die PHDS 10‑230V is delivered ready for use in the transport case and in TÜV-certified quality as a guarantee for high value, safety and functionality. Three stone drills (ø5/L85, ø6/L100 and ø8/L120 mm), a depth stop and an additional handle are included.

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