Do you already know the comment function?

As you know Trotec offers you a wide range of information on machines, special offers and much more in the Trotec-Blog. We would be very interested in what you think about the articles and issues and we would be glad to receive many feedbacks to improve ourselves even more.

It’s quite simple!
If you visit the blog and read one of the articles you can just click on it’s title.

Now the same article appears in a single window but with the difference of a white box at the bottom. That’s the comment box. Just type in a few words what you think about the article you read. We’re really looking forward to every review.

Link in the title
Simply click on the title to get to the comment form.
Comment box
Enter your name and your email address in the specific fields of the form. Then transfer the coloured numbers and letters in the small box below. Now you can write your review on the article or the issue in the big white box. When you’re done click on the button “Submit Comment” to publish your review.

Now it’s up to you.
The comment function.

A service of your Trotec-team.

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