Breathe healthily, please!


Anyone who braces themself against warm dry air in winter with a humidifier is a smart person. But mind out, things can get even smarter still. You can give the water in the tank of your humidifier a purity guarantee – with a SecoSan Stick from Trotec. The capsules work effectively to prevent residue, germs and bacteria. And they do this for months without needing to be replaced. This means you are breathing in not just pleasantly moist air, but also absolutely pure air. In addition the persistently clean water with no lime and no biological growth protects the high-quality technology in your device. SecoSan, pretty smart. For pure health and the value preservation of the humidifier.

Breathe healthily, please!

Warm dry air is a burden. We all notice this during the winter months, when the heating at home and in the office is running constantly. The eyes water, the skin itches. We are all bothered by dry coughs. And that is not even to mention the colds that spread rapidly and can as a result cause such a company with all its employees to sway. So we all know: In dry air, bacteria spread quickly and find sufficient contact surfaces on dried out, irritated mucous membranes. So you are best served if you use an indoor air humidifier for help. When it comes to matters of reliable and effective technology, anyone who uses an evaporation humidifier or an airwasher from Trotec is on the safe side. Since there are two principles that both come first here: optimal humidification of the air and filtering of the indoor air. This means you can breathe deeply and freely despite the heating.

Not just pleasant, but also pure

But what happens if the water is stored in the tanks of the humidifier for a longer time? Of course, you know full well, that lime builds up, bacteria and germs multiply and over longer periods biological growth can develop. But as far as your concerned: Don’t worry about it – if you use one simple and well-priced trick: a SecoSan Stick from Trotec. The compact capsule ensures the water in the tank of your humidifier, which the device emits into the indoor air, is always clear and clean. It couldn’t be purer.

How it works

The SecoSan Stick has an active antimicrobial surface that is enriched with silver ions. These mobile silver ions suppress germs and bacteria upon contact with them and prevent them from multiplying. The SecoSan ion storage is self-dosing. This means it always emits precisely the amount of silver ions that are needed to keep the precise volume of water in the tank of the humidifier fresh. The water demonstrably remains almost completely free of silver compounds, unlike with other silver compounds. What is left is permanently pure water for your humidifier. A SecoSan Stick works to keep the water in your tank clean for six months without interruption, regardless of how often you refill it with water. And you no longer have to worry about cleaning it. Convenient, isn’t it?

Just a few clicks away from your SecoSan supply

Open water tank, place SecoSan Stick on the floor, finished. Absolute purity in your humidifier is just that easy. Ordering the ion storage is also that easy. Visit our Trotec Online Shop. There you will find the SecoSan Sticks in a range of sizes. Click on it, enter the amount you would like to order and the high-quality capsules will be on their way to you straight away. Be surprised by our attractive special offers.


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