Storm-proof in the North Sea – assembly tent for offshore use

When required, the assembly tents from the Trotec series are counted among storm-proof special equipment. Originally designed for welding jobs, they are similarly effective in offshore use on drilling rigs. Our work tent 250 x 180 KE recently performed well during maintenance work on two diesel pump containers.

Our client, ENGIE Fabricom Offshore Services, had the task of sealing a leak at a drilling rig located on the coast of the Netherlands. This was located on the filter attachment for diesel pumps that were lodged in a container on a pedestal in the outer area of the drilling rig. The way through the airy heights led through a 20-meter high ladder.

Target temperature over 15 degrees in the assembly tent

A particular challenge was the requirement to hold a temperature above 15 degrees while welding with a Loctite sealant, since a decrease of one degree in temperature led to more hours of drying time. So the assembly tent needed to be storm-proof, suitable for assembly in tight space, well sealed and heatable with an electronic heater. Furthermore there are much stricter guidelines for occupational safety that apply offshore than on land, for example to prevent injuries from flying parts.

Complete storm equipment in action

As a tailor-made solution, Trotec provided ENGIE the standard assembly tent 250 x 180 KE with three zippers and the following storm equipment:

  • 4 telescope bars made of stainless steel with T-pieces with rubber feet. With these the tent can be held stable at a working height of 2.50 m as well as in strong winds.
  • 4 roof eyelets in the corners for feeding through the metal tips of the telescope bar.
  • 4 strong magnets – these are so strong, that two men are need to dismantle them.
  • 6 tension straps
  • An extra dirt rim extension with a height of 60 cm for thermal sealing to raise the tent 30 cm.
  • Due to the tight spacial requirements we provide the assembly tent with a triangle door on the side as an entrance.

With such a secured and sealed assembly tent, work can be well-executed: The installers even reached a temperature of 26 degrees in the inside of the assembly tent – this effectively reduced the drying time. After the first successful use of the storm tent in the North Sea, ENGIE Fabrice Offshore Service is already making further plans.

In the Trotec Shop you will find all standard styles of our assembly tents and screen walls. We make corresponding adjustments for individual requirements such as in this case on the drilling rig. Marc Pruijmaekers, consultant for assembly tents, can find a solution for any application.

Contact person assembly tents:

Marc Pluijmaekers, Tel. 02452 962 481, mailto:

Assembly tent 250 x 180 KE-R with storm equipment in use on a drilling ring in the North Sea.

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