Stop That Smell. Fast.

Air purification with an Air cleanerImagine a strong smell. No, not just one of your average bad smells – a truly revolting one. But careful – don’t dwell on it for too long – because sometimes even only the fleeting recollection of being locked in conversation with someone serenely unaware that they were suffering from bad breath, a waft of boiled cabbage, the whiff of a clogged drain, the intense smell of sweat from a sauna or a pair of discarded socks can prove to be too much to stomach for some. In fact some smells are so overpowering that there seems to be little that one can do short of covering one’s face and mouth and making a run for it.

A further smell that recurs repeatedly on the top of the lists of people who have been asked which smell they would rank as being among the most offensive in a closed environment is stale cigarette smoke. And being a passionate non-smoker myself I must admit that the pungent smell of stale tobacco that hangs heavily in the air, clinging to curtains and working its way into the wallpaper in households where heavy smokers exercise their right to light up without being taken to task by the powers that be really is a test in self control. I have found that by not breathing through my nose and by keeping my breathing shallow I can only just resist the urge to add to the overpowering smell with a few overpowering smells of my own.

But hope is at hand.

Some Dutch designers have come up with an idea that is as simple as it is genius. The designers focused on the fact that there are some odours which have a positive effect on a broad band of the population and can even change the mood they are in. The odours were reproduced by odour machines which were placed in public places, like discotheques for example, where late-night revellers attested that they not only felt better, but also that the overall mood was more relaxed and congenial. The designers also observed that more people took to the dance floor when their machines were producing odours which covered the smell of cheap scent, spilt beer and the perspiration that was pouring from the dancers’ writhing bodies.

But what if you don’t want to be constantly surrounded by the sweet smell of sandalwood, vanilla or lemon groves and are not content with just covering a bad smell instead of getting rid of it for good?

The answer is also simple but genius. An air cleaner. The air cleaners from Trotec do not only eliminate lingering odours and unpleasant smells, they also enhance the quality of the air that you breathe. That’s because all of the air cleaners are equipped with built-in air filters that are specially designed to filter a variety of airborne contaminants, viruses and bacteria out of the surrounding air thus making it both cleaner and fresher.

Of course you don’t have to wait until the situation becomes almost unbearable before you decide to do something about getting rid of certain smells. The air cleaners in the IQAir series are also ideal when it comes to eliminating less offensive but nonetheless bothersome odours like pet smells, cooking smells, paint smells or musty smells either at home, in the office or in rooms that are frequented by guests or visitors. And just to make sure that the air stays just as clean and fresh as it was from the first day one all units are fitted with filter elements which can be easily replaced when the need arises. And with the GC MultiGas you also have a model designed for use with gaseous pollutants.

So if you what you want is to get rid of unpleasant and persistent odours instead of just covering them up, then the air cleaners in the IQAir series are just what you are looking for!

Just click on the link above. And follow your nose!

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