Stop mould before it starts – with a dehumidifier from Trotec

Mould in the home is often a problem. Whereas people of old used to grumble about their draughty abodes and grouse about inadequate insulation, today’s homeowners often make the mistake of casting out the Devil with Beelzebub and sealing their houses so well off from the outer world that although they don’t let the cold, wet air in, they don’t let the warm, moist air out either. This phenomenon quickly provides the ideal breeding ground for different kinds of mould and mildew, which thrive and flourish in damp and stagnant conditions.

Trotec dehumidifier ttk 30 S and ttk 70 s

Mould in the home is not only unsightly, it is dangerous too. Mould patches on walls or ceilings often spread out rapidly and develop unpleasant odours – in extremely bad cases, the biting, musty smell which is generally attributed to household mould can become so overpowering it even makes your eyes water. Mould spores are particularly aggressive, because they affect the respiratory system and trigger respiratory illnesses or other complaints and disorders. If left unchecked mould can also cause extensive damage to your property and possessions: valuable furniture, carpets, clothes, books, collections and tapestries all suffer to such an extent under the effects of mould that they can actually be rendered worthless. Mould can induce wood rot, which in turn can lead to structural damage to your property. In some particularly devastating and tragic cases when mould was on the rampage, whole families have had to leave everything behind and flee their houses in a last attempt to salvage their health, even at the cost of a once-loved home.

Mould should not be ignored. As a rule patches which are less than 1m² in size can be cleaned with special cleaning agents – and special clothing like gloves and masks! But mould has the habit of returning, not least of all because it is the symptoms and not the cause which are being fought.

One such cause is poor ventilation. Although there are many people who would believe that the onset or spread of mould is a sign of poor hygiene, it is much more a sign of poor airing. Bathrooms especially are prone to being affected by mould, because they are quite simply not given enough time to dry out. The moisture which ladens the air after a shower or hot bath condenses on the colder surfaces in the bathroom – like outer walls or ceilings – where it later becomes a damp spot, thus providing the breeding ground mentioned earlier.

So why not prevent mould from occurring in the first place? With a dehumidifier from Trotec.

Compact – but with enough clout to carry out the job
The Trotec dehumidifiers in the S-series are excellently suited for use in both the home and the office. The series comprises a variety of different models each designed to meet your specific needs and individual requirements. Trotec has two models which are extremely well-suited for use in the bathroom, especially those without windows or any other means of ventilation – the slim, elegantly styled, ultra-compact TTK 30 S and the sleek, no-nonsense dehumidifier-of-many talents, the TTK 70 S.

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