Easy Rider: Spring Check For Your Motorcycle

Measuring Tyre Pressure On A MotorcycleHesitantly the first sunbeams warm us up and as the days grow longer you can really feel that spring is in the air… This is the time when bikers start becoming restless and yearn to climb onto their motorcycles to feel the freedom of the road in good ol’ Easy Rider style. But after a long and frosty winter you need to check your bike thoroughly before you can finally hit the road.

The best way to start is to clean your bike conscientiously to discover any damage like rust stains or leaks. When you’re done with cleaning, you should definitely check some technical details of your motorbike. This includes inspecting the battery, the oil level and the lighting, as well as a check-up of the brakes and brake linings. The tyres deserve closer attention: if you don’t ride your vehicle during the winter, it is wise to unload some of the weight off the tyres to guarantee that the tyres don’t bulge and still run smoothly. You should also make sure that there are no porous spots or cuts which could lessen your driving safety. The tread depth is another factor which is mainly responsible for the safety of your motorbike. A minimum depth of 1mm is required for motorcycles by law but the AA recommends a tread depth of at least 2mm so that you are prepared in case of wet roads for example.

And last but not least: the tyre pressure!

In order to ensure that you drive safely and comfortably, the tyre pressure needs to be checked regularly. The ideal tyre pressure is specified in the technical manual of your motorbike. Usually there is a distinction between different driving situations like the applied load – riding alone or with a passenger or luggage – and the speed. But from experience, tyre producing companies can tell that most motorcyclists fail to make sure that the tyre pressure matches their driving situation.

Though it can be so easy: with the Trotec Tyre Pressure Gauge BY10 you are able to check your tyre pressure whether you’re at home or on the road. With its slim design it fits snugly in every saddlebag and allows you to measure the tyre pressure with digital accuracy. It is standard equipped with a connecting piece that is compatible with every Schrader or American valve, which is used on nearly all tyres. There are also various adapters available to enable you to use the BY10 with a variety of different types of valves as well.

Because the ideal tyre pressure of your motorcycle not only increases your safety, it also reduces road resistance and therefore is responsible for saving fuel. In fact the wrong tyre pressure can cause a severe reduction of the durability of your tyres: if the pressure is too low, the tyres start to heat up a lot, which can damage your tyres. On the other hand, if the pressure is too high the consequence may be an uneven wearing of your tyres.

And remember: always check the pressure of your tyres when they are cold because hot tyres may have a 0.5 bar excess pressure which will regulate itself automatically once the tyres cool down again.

Now that your bike is spick and span and the technical check up is finished successfully too, there is nothing to stop you from putting on your helmet and going for a road trip because real bikers are “born to be wild”…

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