Cut your energy costs – with a professional infrared camera from Trotec

Exploding heating oil and natural gas prices are often the subject of heated discussions – especially now during the colder months of the year. Heat is a valuable commodity and heat loss a luxury which many people simply can’t afford. What better a way then to stop valuable heat from seeping out of your home than by routing out the leaks and cracks which wear on your nerves – and on your pocket!

Up to now, conventional methods used to locate leaks in lofts, walls, windows and ceilings were both time-consuming and costly. But times have changed and now you can detect the weak spots in your house’s insulation using non-destructive, cutting-edge infrared technology! The professional infrared cameras in the IC-Series are excellently suited for finding cold gaps, areas where mould can easily flourish and structural  deficiencies – especially at this time of the year when thermographic inspections carried out on your property can quickly point to the places where heat is being unnecessarily emitted in order for you to be able to determine the extent of work that has to be carried out on the façade of your house or roof, for example.

Trotec has a wide range of infrared cameras designed especially to suit a whole range of professional applications and individual requirements. Buy your fully-equipped infrared camera now – ideal for home owners, energy consultants, property administrators and real estate and housing managers.

Find out more the top-quality infrared cameras in the IC-Series and save on your heating bills this winter and next!

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