Rotary and chisel hammer PRDS 10-230V – finally back in stock!

The saying “Tear down this wall!” still seems to be very up to date, which is one of the explanations for the continued success of our high-performance PRDS 10-230V rotary and chisel hammer – and why it keeps selling out. But don’t worry: if you would like to use the tried-and-tested hammer drill in your project for powerful chiselling, hammering or drilling – our professional power package is available again as of now. And as ever, you can still get this great power at the same great price!

Chipping off tiles, chiselling cable slots, chiselling into walls, as well as hammer drilling in concrete or granite and rotary drilling into wood and metal – the professional PRDS 10-230V hammer drill makes no compromises on any job. It doesn’t have to, since with an impact force of 5 joules, the compact hammer drill offers you the extreme power reserves that you need for your project. This allows you to drill through even the hardest materials easily, regardless of the pressure applied.

The benefits for you at a glance – the rotary and chisel hammer PRDS 10-230V…

  • is equipped with a robust aluminium gear head and a pneumatic hammer system – the perfect solution for demanding continuous operation in renovation, installation, construction and chiselling work.
  • adjusts, when combined with the continuously variable strike and speed control, the power of the hammer drill required for each task appropriate to the materials: from spot drilling in delicate tiles to quickly chiselling out large areas.
  • allows you to change the tool head with just one hand thanks to the SDS plus socket. Of course, the hammer function can be deactivated completely for drilling in wood and metal.
  • will leave you impressed with its performance benefits even when performing core drilling, for example for sanitary and electrical installations. The extremely strong striking mechanism offers the best drive for effective results – particularly when used with drill bits with large diameters.
  • is efficient and easy-to-handle at the same time. The PRDS 10-230V guarantees a perfect centre of gravity during use thanks to the ergonomic L-shaped design. On top of that, both its vibration-absorbing main handle and the additional handle, which can swivel 360°, help to ensure optimum handling even in tight workspaces.
  • enables predetermined drill depths or multiple boreholes of the same depth to be adhered to thanks to the practical depth stop provided.

PRDS 10-230V rotary and chisel hammer – German-tested quality!

Order the rotary and chisel hammer PRDS 10-230V 52 E today at our current offer price*, reduced from £91.84 to just £50.50 incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

*As a complete package including gear rim drill chuck with SDS plus socket, SDS pointed chisel 14 x 250 mm, SDS flat chisel 14 x 250 mm, three SDS drills 8/10/12 x 150 mm, gear rim key, metal depth stop and transport case.

What’s more, our optionally available, Trotec-quality, multi-component hammer and chisel drill set will open up more opportunities for you to use the PRDS 10-230V.

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