Pendulum action jigsaws – everything about the new PJSS models from Trotec!

Trotec’s new PJSS pendulum action jigsaws are real all-rounders compared to other saws. They really set themselves apart when it comes to cutting contours and curves, for example. However, these jigsaws can be used quickly and reliably for simple cut-outs too. Things to be especially aware of during operation, when maintenance is required – these and many more questions will be answered in our three-part jigsaw series.

Today, in the first section, we will be asking ourselves the basic question of the advantages of a pendulum action jigsaw as opposed to a conventional jigsaw. Taking the example of the new PJSS models, the major differences are clearly set out. In the second section, we answer the question: “Are all saw blades equal?” At this point, we can probably start by saying that this is of course not the case: for almost every component part, there is an appropriate saw blade. Whether broad and long or narrow and short, the choice is enormous. However, you’ll be best off reading about why this is the case and what you should be aware of during your selection in this article. Our series ends with valuable tips on these topics: how do I change a saw blade and how do I adjust the pendulum action? How can I perform straight, round and slanted cuts with the jigsaw? And finally: what is the easiest way to clean and maintain my jigsaw?

Pendulum action jigsaws – the PJSS models impress with their precise sawing performance

With a normal jigsaw, the turning motion of the motor is transformed into an up-and-down movement, the so-called stroke movement, of the saw blade. Contrary to these purely up-and-down jigsaws, pendulum action jigsaws can move their blades horizontally as well as vertically, as the jigsaw performs a pendulum movement in addition to normal strokes. In this way, the saw blade is moved back and forth by the self-aligning roller. This means significantly less strength is needed to saw, and the sawing becomes distinctly easier. Easier sawing and better curve mobility are all part and parcel of the PJSS jigsaws from Trotec.

Each PJSS jigsaw, whether with battery, cable and top grip or cable and barrel grip, can saw up to a depth of 80 mm in wood, 12 mm in aluminium and 5 mm in metal. All PJSS models impress with the combination of infinitely variable stroke control with a safety switch as well as pendulum action that can be adjusted to four levels, including a fine cut setting. This combination simultaneously enables simpler sawing, as stated above, as well as quick sawing progress and better curve mobility. While a transparent chip screen with a marking tip ensures precise, tear-free cuts in your sawing operations, the integrated LED lights and the practical blow-out function guarantee a chip-free view of the cutting field of the illuminated work piece.

For dust-free work in interior spaces, the blower function can also be set to suction mode and a vacuum secured with an adapter to the suction connection of this versatile jigsaw. The quick-action clamping chucks hereby enable tool-free saw blade changes in only a few seconds.

All PJSS models have sophisticated ergonomics

Thanks to an perfect centre of gravity, the compact PJSS models have been optimised for professional continuous operation, and the housing fitted with soft grip inserts. They therefore fit comfortably and securely in your hand even for long operations and ensure fatigue-free work. Every model offers a secure hold at all times for low-vibration sawing operations, and can be guided precisely on its robust steel base plates. For mitre cuts, the saw shoe can be swivelled tool-free to both sides in 15° increments up to 45°, and a supplied plastic sliding shoe can be used to preserve delicate work pieces.

With this cordless pendulum action jigsaw, you can make a fine cut anywhere – even without a power socket. The powerful motor of Trotec’s PJSS 10-20V is supplied by an energetic 20V exchangeable battery for maximum performance power. Its lithium-ion technology prevents the memory effect and self-discharge, and the jigsaw remains ready for operation at any time, even if it has not been used for a while. A dead battery can be fully re-charged in about an hour using the supplied quick charger, whereby a three-level illuminated display on the device indicates the current charging capacity.

Hardly any other pendulum action jigsaws of this class combine as many tried and tested performance advantages as the PJSS 10-230V. This jigsaw, an ideal tool for professional continuous operation in demanding projects and complex renovation work, is distinguished by the successful interplay between the powerful 850 W motor with great running smoothness, quadruple pendulum action, electronic stroke rate pre-selection and many other well-thought-out details.

In addition, the PJSS 10-230V is equipped with an innovative laser key-light that is turned on separately. The laser projects a red line onto the work piece, precisely displaying the cutting direction, which facilitates the freehand guiding of the saw along a straight marking. Deviations from the cutting line can be detected and corrected immediately.

The PJSS 11-230V is likewise equipped with a powerful 850W motor with great running smoothness, quadruple pendulum action, electronic stroke rate pre-selection and a switchable laser key-light. Designed by Trotec as a typical barrel grip jigsaw, this model has always been a favourite among professionals like, for example, carpenters. Due to the classic rod shape with a barrel grip and a deep guidance point, this jigsaw can be guided very precisely, especially around curves, because the hand can be positioned low on the body of the housing, close to the saw blade. Ideally, the barrel grip construction is guided with both hands, which enables not only particularly precise curve cuts, but also longer assignments without tiring out. The PJSS 11-230V scores points particularly in sawing operations overhead or from below, as there is no top grip to get in the way.

Choose “your” PJSS jigsaw model – in TÜV-tested quality

All PJSS pendulum action jigsaws from Trotec are of TÜV-tested quality as a guarantee of high quality, safety and functionality. So order the model of your choice today:

  • The PJSS 10-20V battery-powered jigsaw comes with rip fence, adapter for external dust suction, chip screen, sliding shoe, Allen wrench, two wood-saw blades, a metal-saw blade and a carrying case included

reduced from £71.60 to just £44.73.

  • The PJSS 10-230V comes with rip fence, adapter for external dust suction, chip screen, sliding shoe, three wood-saw blades and a metal-saw blade included

reduced from £35.78 to just £22.35.

  • The PJSS 11-230V comes with rip fence, adapter for external dust suction, chip screen, sliding shoe, three wood saw blades and a metal saw blade included

reduced from £44.73 to just £26.82.

incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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