PAC 4700 X air conditioner – finally available for delivery again!


If you have been suffering from the heat over the past few days and are already dreading the next onslaught, now you can breathe a sigh of relief: the PAC 4700 X air conditioner is finally back in stock and ready to be delivered. This stylish unit is not only great for cooling down large spaces, but also filters and dehumidifies the air to create a very comfortable indoor climate. What’s more, it can also be used, without the cooling mode, as a ventilator.

With its cool look the PAC 4700 X air conditioner fits in harmoniously with almost any style of interior decor, whether at home or in the office. But most importantly the unit is fantastic at what it does; with a cooling capacity of up to 4.7 kW, it quickly cools down your large spaces of up to 155 m³/62 m², while at the same time meeting the requirements for the energy efficiency class A. The performance data are, of course, also worth a mention, because the unit can be used as a dehumidifier too – and here, once again, the PAC 4700 X shines; dehumidifying up to 1.5 litres of air per hour. Combine these results and that adds up to a very impressive 36 litres in each 24 hours of operation!

This is how it works

You can read the current status, such as for the room temperature for instance, on the air conditioning unit PAC 4700’s illuminated blue LCD screen. Furthermore, the unit is fully automatic and provides a wide-range of other options via its microprocessor-control. These options include the timer function, which can be used to set the air conditioning unit to automatically switch itself on and off with a time delay, meaning perfectly cool air right from the word go.
It’s up to you whether you operate the PAC 4700 X using its control panel or the infrared remote control that comes with it. Three ventilation settings and an adjustable output air flow mean that you can create air flow tailored to your individual requirements. Thanks to its compact size, convenient transport roll-castors and a built-in cable compartment, the air conditioning unit is convenient and easy to use in all indoor spaces that you want to keep cool.

The PAC 4700 X air conditioner – efficient cooling for large spaces too!

So, order the PAC 4700 X air conditioner today to take advantage of our latest offer – now available at £513.09 down from £610.41 incl. VAT. – now available in the Trotec shop!

By the way, for only £10 extra you can get the PAC 4700 X air conditioner and the window sealing AirLock 100. This ensures the window feed-through does not let any cold air out and also prevents insects from getting inside.

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