NEW PIDS 10-20V Cordless hammer drill: Resistance is futile – the professional drill is finally available for delivery

With the long-awaited PIDS 10‑20V cordless impact driver, DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike will make short work of screwing jobs. The key to the sustainable power of our tool is the power development transferred to the device.  With its maximum torque of 180 Nm, the power of our hammer drill surpasses even that of more expensive brand items. And it doesn’t stop there…

Whether for impact screwing or impact driving applications, whether in woodwork or metalwork – the compact, cordless PIDS 10‑20V performs perfectly where conventional cordless drills meet their match. Its 20 V/2.0 Ah Flexpower multi-battery ensures rapid work progress along with the high impact speed of up to 3,600/min and its maximum torque of 180 Nm.

Through this effective impact, you can reliably loosen seized up or rusted screw connections up to a diameter of 8 mm, where conventional cordless drills often spin or fail. Even large and long screws can be drilled effortlessly, since the special impact mechanism of the PIDS 10‑20V protects your wrist from the resulting rotary forces.

How it works

The PIDS 10‑20V cordless hammer drill has a ¼“ hexagon socket tool holder with 6.35 mm – with an enclosed ¼” square head adapter – and enables the flexible use of commercially available hexagon screw bits and socket bits. Thanks to a mechanical locking mechanism, you can switch attachments such as screw bits and socket bits quickly and easily without any extra tools.

Thanks to the rotation selector switch integrated in the handle, switching between clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation for screwing in or out, and tightening or loosening nuts can be done with exceptional ease. The soft grip inlays recessed in the handle offer maximum grip while allowing you to continuously vary the speed with your index finger via the on/off switch using the quick stop function. Precise work with smooth start-up is no problem at all, and a power-on lock prevents unintentional starting of the drill.

The hammer drill, which weighs only 1,600 g and is made from robust plastic, is perfectly balanced and adapted to the ergonomic requirements of your hand. With this, you can master even longer projects in hard-to-reach areas or overhead without fatigue. The work-saving features of this cordless drill are topped off by a mechanical bit locking mechanism that safely secures the screw bits, a built-in LED work light that optimally illuminates your work area, and a practical belt clip so that you can have the hammer drill at hand at any time.

Four of many advantages I particularly like:

  • the powerful 20V lithium-ion battery with no memory effect and no self-drain – the Flexpower multi-battery can be flexibly combined with other Trotec 20 V battery powered tools
  • the powerful rotary drilling function for drilling and loosening screws and nuts
  • the robust die cast aluminium gearbox for optimal heat dissipation and durability
  • the special tool holder combines ¼” square and ¼” hexagon bit holders for even more applications

PIDS 10-20V Cordless hammer drill – TÜV-certified brand quality!

The cordless hammer drill is delivered in TÜV-tested quality as a guarantor for high quality, safety and functionality in a carrying case ready for use, including the 20 V 2.0 Ah Flexpower multi-battery, ¼” square adapter, 50 mm ¼” bit extension, mountable belt clip and 1h quick charger.

To expand the application possibilities of the cordless hammer drill, an optional 32-piece Accessory bit set is also available from us.

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