PAC 2000 E air conditioning unit – finally back in stock!


Phew, it’s about time. Just in time for the summer high season, we have rolled our PAC 2000 E air conditioning units back out. With these stylish units, you are excellently equipped for nearly any challenge in the coming hot season. Beyond its cooling function, the air conditioning unit also has a dehumidifier and ventilator function. And the unit is rated at efficiency class A!

Not only does the PAC 2000 E impress at first glance with its successful design, it also performs impressively in all three operating modes. It therefore cools rooms up to 65 m³ down to 16 °C with a cooling capacity of 2.1 kW. When not in cooling mode, the clever unit dehumidifies up to 18 litres per day from rooms of this size. Or simply use the ventilation function. Best of all: The unit is equipped with an ideal energy balance and was therefore awarded energy efficiency class A which means you can let the unit run a while longer in good conscience.

This is how it works

With the help of the easy-to-maintain membrane keyboard and the LED display, the PAC 2000 E can be operated easily. Alternatively, an infra-red remote control is available. Two separate air filters clean the air before it is discharged into the room, thus ensuring the interior climate doesn’t have any irritants. The super compact space miracle can be placed in even the smallest niche. Due to the compact dimensions, integrated cable reel and the convenient transport castors, you can comfortably wheel the PAC 2000 E from room to room, for instance, from the living room to the bedroom in the evening before going to bed.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • The comfortable indoor climate thanks to air conditioning, dehumidification and ventilation all in one device
  • The high cooling performance down to 16 °C for rooms up to 65 m³
  • The distinction with the best energy efficiency class A
  • The convenient transportation thanks to castors and an integrated cable reel

PAC 2000 E air conditioning unit – stay cool and don’t sweat it!

Relax and look forward to the first hot days of the year: Order the PAC 2000 E air conditioning unit today at our current sale price of £219.63 instead of £300.99 incl. VAT – available now from the Trotec shop!
And if you want to seal your windows too, you can order our AirLock 100 for only an additional £16.23 incl. VAT.

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