It all comes down to spices


Spice mixtures and dried substances generally constitute the seasoning in important foodstuffs such as sausage, soups and meat. When manufacturing these mixtures, it is very important that the aroma of the individual ingredients and consistency are retained. It is also extremely important when producing nutritional supplements that the powdered materials do not clump and retain their effect. In such production facilities it is therefore essential for the ingredients and materials to be protected, especially against high levels of humidity. Using the professional dehumidifier from the DH series from Trotec guarantees the best production and storage conditions.

Anyone who has been to a factory that produces spice mixtures and broth cubes instantly smells what is important: the aroma. Because that is where a wide range of dry spices and additional substances are mixed, often based on the flavour specified by a customer or from the food industry. In addition to the classical spices, food additives such as ascorbic acid, vitamin C, calcium ascorbate and preservatives such as sodium sulphate or benzoic acid are used. Ultimately, the products which are enriched with these mixtures, should not only taste great, but also look appealing and have a longer shelf life.

Mixing under optimum conditions

Many manufacturers of, for instance sausages, commission such mixtures in order to be able to produce their foodstuffs according to their wishes and their own taste. Combining the spices and additives precisely based on the customer’s ideas is particularly important. In order to achieve this, the production conditions have to be optimal. In addition to hygiene and professional work, the climate in the halls is crucial with respect to quality. High levels of humidity damages the ingredients. If spices and powdered materials are not optimally stored or are processed in a humid environment, the threat of mould and clumping arises. Take action against the harmful consequences of high levels of humidity in time and utilise professional technology that reliably and effectively supports you during production.

Customised dehumidification solutions

With the high-powered and highly resistant industrial dehumidifiers from the DH series from Trotec you provide your products optimum protection, in storage and during production. It’s that easy: Use the high-power dehumidifiers in halls and warehouses. This lowers the humidity within a very short time. The models from the DH series work at full blast so condensate generated due to the temperature difference between the storage areas and the warm zones around the machines, hardly has a chance. Specify the target value of the optimum dew point and the dehumidifiers work precisely in accordance with your wishes.

Regardless of the area: The professional dehumidifiers work at full capacity in stationary, continuous use. Since the models from the DH series work based on the condensation principle, you and your facility are guaranteed a particularly high level of dehumidification.
Thus, for instance, the industrial condensate dryer DH 110 AX/BX, with its stove enamel aluminium casing is suitable for fully-automatic, humidity switch-controlled continuous drying, even in harsh environments. It is not only equipped with a particularly resistant casing, but the evaporator and condenser are additionally protected against corrosion by a polyester coating. You can comfortably set-up the DH 110 on the floor or, if needed, mount it as a rear-wall unit for continuous use. The D 110 AX model is a 240 volt design and the D 110 BX mode is a 400V design. Both units guarantee you a dehumidification capacity of 150 litres per day!

Benefits of the DH series dehumidifiers

  • closed drying systems for the highest level of quality of your goods
  • high dehumidification capacity in continuous use
  • suitable for any environmental conditions
  • can be retroactively installed in existing systems
  • energy cost savings due to heat recovery
  • Fully automatic, low-maintenance operation

Do you need help in assessing your dehumidification needs? Trotec is available to you any time. The Trotec industrial service employees perform an on-site analysis of your equipment needs and create a detailed calculation.

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