NEW TVE 9 table fan – finally available!


Phew, it’s about time. Starting now, our new TVE 9 table fan dispels warm humid air and provides a constant pleasant cooling. Plus they are so quiet that they cause no disturbance to either nightly sleeping in the bedroom or power napping at the office. And at a price that is so affordable that alternatives don’t even come into question.

Our new table fan is so cheap that it’s best to just order two right off the bat. This way you can have your nose in the wind at any time at home or at the office, and your body can enjoy a refreshing coolness at both locations. The TVE 9 fan generates a proper wind thanks to its 30 watt power. Simply set up the unit at home or at the office, plug in the power cable and then: bring on the cooling! Instead of an entire room being cooled down by an air conditioning unit, consuming a great deal of energy, sweaty skin is cooled by evaporation with the wind generated by the TVE 9. The air feels perceptibly cooler, even if the temperature in the room hasn’t changed.

This is how it works

With its perfectly calibrated fan blades and excellent running smoothness, the TVE 9 runs quiet as a whisper on the lowest speed level. A removable and easy-to-clean metal protective grille offers front and rear protection from the fan blades, and in addition, the sturdy and topple-resistant base ensures secure positioning of the fan. An overheating protection ensures automatic shut-off.
Thanks to two speed levels, the fan head inclination angle that can be vertically adjusted up to 30° as well as the automatic 90° horizontal swivel movement that can be switched on or off, you can adapt the cooling air to optimally suit your individual requirements.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the 30 watt power
  • the low purchase and operating costs
  • the 2 speed levels
  • the automatic 90° oscillation that can be switched off

TVE 9 table fan – provides you with a refreshing breeze at an affordable price

Order the TVE 9 table fan today, reduced from £17.56 to just £13.16 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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