NEW TTR 57 E Comfort Dehumidifier – effective drying even of unheated rooms from as low as 1 °C

Where conventional desiccant dehumidifiers quickly start to fail, the TTR 57 E Dehumidifier has homefield advantage thanks to its tried and tested desiccant cooling technology: in cool, unheated basement rooms and garages, it prevents damp walls and mould formation. In the conservatory, it stops any annoying condensation on the windows. In boats, it protects against moisture in the cabins. The device does not require a compressor, refrigerant or defrosting downtimes, making it remarkably energy-efficient and quiet too.

Most of our regular blog readers will be aware of how cool and humid rooms can cause harmful mould formation. The elegant TTR 57 E Desiccant Dehumidifier is therefore recommended for unheated rooms of up to 20 m² – with a dehumidification capacity of up to 9 litres per day, it keeps basements, garages, conservatories and boats reliably dry even at low temperatures as low as 1 °C. And best of all: You don’t even have to switch on the light in the room to see if the humidity is in the green range – just one glance at the coloured LED display of the device, which shows the current humidity level, is enough.

How it works

In contrast to conventional desiccant dehumidifiers, the TTR 57 E Desiccant Dehumidifier is absolutely reliable even at low temperatures: if required, the device decreases room air humidity down to 40 %! You just enter your desired air humidity settings of 40, 50, 60 or 70 % – and the program-controlled automatic dehumidifying system does the rest. Moreover, the dehumidifier features a continuous operation mode that allows the device to dehumidify continually at maximum capacity. Incidentally, it does so even unsupervised due to a connection for an external condensate drain.

Of course, the TTR 57 E not only performs well in the basement, but is all well qualified for use in living rooms, bedrooms and utility rooms thanks to its practical laundry drying mode to help you dry slightly wet laundry. You can choose between ‘Cupboard Dry’, ‘Iron Dry’ or ‘Quick Dry’ modes. The TTR 57 E’s versatility is rounded off by its ventilation operating mode, which features 3 fan stages, and its 24-hour timer, which allows you to program your desired On or Off times.

In addition, our comfort dehumidifier scores points with its filling level warning light that lights up whenever the condensation tank is full, and its washable air and activated carbon filter that filters dust and animal hair. Thanks to its proven desiccant cooling technology, the device does not require a compressor, refrigerant or defrosting downtimes, and therefore dehumidifies in a remarkably energy-efficient manner and with less noise.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the four pre-selectable operating modes with laundry drying mode
  • the digital real time display of room temperature and humidity
  • the LED colour display of actual air humidity levels
  • the 24-hour timer function

TTR 57 E Dehumidifier – TÜV-tested brand quality from Trotec

You can get this Trotec product in TÜV-tested quality as a guarantee of high value, safety and functionality. Place an order for the TTR 57 E Dehumidifier today and take advantage of the current price of just £143.42 incl. VAT, reduced from £325.15 – now in the Trotec shop!

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