New mobile building dryer now available: the TTK 170 S

The TTK 170 S is the latest building dryer in the TTK S-series. Just like other appliances in our product range this model is equipped with valuable functions and beneficial features.

Designed to dry out new buildings this high-performance dehumidifier comes with an extraction rate of up to 41 litres (9.02 gals) a day and an air flow rate of 250 m³/h (820 ft³/h). It is also possible to use the appliance for flood dryings or simply keeping a building dry.

Due to an automatic hygrostat and a twin condensed water discharge system the TTK 170 S building dryer can be used for non-stop dehumidification in unsupervised rooms.

Have a closer look at the TTK 170 S building dryer here.

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