NEW TTK 172 ECO industrial dehumidifier – Efficient. Robust. Good value.


Presenting the unmistakable solution for equally high quality and good value dehumidifier needs. The robust steel construction of the TTK 172 ECO is painted a striking signal red – making it immediately recognisable on the building site, while also protecting it from unauthorized removal. Best of all: Providing you book a delivery date in CW 44, you will receive the dehumidifier that little bit cheaper by profiting from our 32% early booking discount!

The TTK 172 ECO is a true professional, naturally, as it knows exactly what is expected of it: “Cost effective budget solution” is therefore right at the top of its performance profile list, followed closely by “Highest efficiency”: our new industrial dehumidifier maintains a considerable drying performance with up to 50 litres in 24 hours which means it is perfectly suited to the industrial sector.

This is how it works

The TTK 172 ECO’s large digital display shows the current ambient air humidity both in standby mode and during dehumidification mode in an easily readable way. The relative air humidity can therefore be preselected in single intervals between 10 and 95%. The industrial dehumidifier is equipped with the following functions which are necessary for professional use on a building site: Two ventilation levels, a water tank as well as a display for automatic defrost.
The dehumidifier’s equipment features are enhanced with an external condensation drain – if necessary with an optional pump – the device is therefore perfect for longer unattended drying uses. Its duration is to be precisely determined with the integrated hour counter – ideal for industrial application.

Thanks to the driving carriage performance with transport handle and large wheels, the TTK 172 ECO can also be moved effortlessly around the often rugged building site environments. Thanks to the device’s rotary piston compressor, it can be transported and placed in every position. The practical cable box on the rear side of the device offer additional transport security.

Four of the numerous advantages that I particularly like:

  • The particularly economic solution for typical dehumidification applications in the industrial sector
  • TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency)-tested quality
  • High dehumidification performance
  • The robust steel construction in carriage design

Industrial dehumidifier TTK 172 ECO – signal red and unmistakable!

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