NEW TDS E-Series electric heaters – the perfect mobile heating solutions for professionals!


Construction workers, installation crews and farmers are the first to feel it: Day by day, early mornings are becoming considerably chillier. So those who don’t want to see professionals standing shivering in the cold soon, should start thinking now about the right choice of suitable heater. Trotec is offering the new TDS E-Series electric heater for this purpose – the perfect heating solution for construction, agriculture and in catering for example, as well as wherever oil and gas heating units aren’t suitable.

The new mobile TDS electric fan heaters from Trotec are not only the right choice, but also the obvious first choice: because the units can be used practically everywhere for controlling the temperature of unheated interiors as, in direct contrast to gas or oil powered heaters, they do not consume oxygen or produce exhaust fumes. Just a plug socket is required to start the heating operation, which is included with each of the units along with an integrated connection cable. These handy units are thus perfectly suited for heating mechanics’ garages, building containers and small halls, for example, as well as workshops.

As you have come to expect from Trotec, we’re providing you with the accurate heating capacity to meet your respective needs. Select from these model types:

  • TDS 19 E, with a maximum heating capacity of 3 kW
  • TDS 29 E, with a maximum heating capacity of 5 kW
  • TDS 50 E, with a maximum heating capacity of 9 kW

This is how it works

All TDS E-Series models possess an integrated thermostat control, which keeps the warm air flow produced constant and at the desired temperature level. What’s more, the device is equipped with a multi-level power control for regulating the heat strength and the ventilation function can be used without using the heating function.
Thanks to their practical carrying handle and lightweight, hard-wearing double-walled housing, all devices in the TDS E-Series are especially easy to handle.

Four of the numerous advantages that I particularly like:

  • temperature control with two heat settings
  • integrated thermostat for a constant flow of hot air
  • the ventilation function
  • the hard-wearing double-walled housing with thermal insulation

The TDS E-Series electric heater – mobile, easy to handle and deployable anywhere!

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