NEW TFH 20 E and 22 E fan heaters – they’re back!

Enough of being cold – it’s now time to finally thwart those cold days. With one of these compact, high-capacity fans as a heater or as a supplementary heater, living spaces, office spaces, camper vans, hobby rooms or conservatories will be thermally regulated most comfortably. And thanks to its bathroom certification, the TFH 22 E cuts a good figure in wet rooms too. Thwart those cold days at a bargain price – order both these fan heaters and save with our discounts!

Even in small workshops, garages or storage areas, both of these quiet fan heaters in the trendy mocha colour provide quick and cosy warmth. They have up to a 2000 w heating capacity, available in two heat settings. By means of the continuously adjustable thermal control, the preselected temperature can be maintained in an energy efficient manner. Furthermore, the TFH 22 E offers two other very special equipment features: Firstly, the device is perfectly suited for heating bathrooms owing to its splash guard feature. Secondly, the heating output can be dispensed through oscillation if desired – in doing so, the housing rotates 75° vertically and consequently allows for the warm air to be distributed by the high-capacity axial fan better in the room.

How it works

The TFH 20 E and 22 E compact fan heater can be used wherever a plug socket can be found nearby. It’s that easy: Set up the device, plug it in, turn it on and voilà! Because both fans each have a cold setting, the devices also lend themselves for cooling operations in the hot summer months by means of the integrated ventilation function. A pilot light and the automatic deactivation in the event of overheating or being toppled over guarantee safe operation at all times. The practical carrying handle enables the easy transportation of each device.

Four of the numerous advantages that I particularly like:

  • The quiet and compact fan heaters, with the TFH 22 E being particularly suited for bathrooms
  • The as much as 2000 w heating output for quick and cosy warmth
  • The 2 heat settings (1000 w / 2000 w)
  • The ventilation function with a cold setting

The TFH 20 E and 22 E fan heaters – immense power, immense value for money

Order the

incl. VAT today – now in the Trotec shop!

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