NEW TFC 19 E ceramic fan heater – elegant design and cosy warmth provide comfort in autumn

Autumn is coming. You should be well prepared so that the gradually colder days cannot creep into your home during this change in seasons. For example, with a ceramic fan heater from the TFC series, such as the beautifully designed TFC 19 E. With its modern PTC ceramic heating element, it radiates an even and cosy warmth. And the eye too is heartened by the elegant matt black column design that harmoniously blends the fan heater into any living environment.

The visually appealing TFC 19 E, with its slim tower design, heats even larger living and office rooms, conservatories or garden sheds quickly and quietly by means of two adjustable 1,200 watt and 2,000 watt heating stages. You can adjust the room thermostat conveniently using an infinitely variable rotary switch. From now on it controls your desired room temperature fully automatically. The instant heat is blown out by an integrated fan, whereby the 70° oscillation, which can be switched on in both heating stages, has a boosting effect because the horizontal swivel mechanism distributes the warm air even faster and more evenly throughout the room.

How it works

The TFC 19 E fan heater switches itself off energy-efficiently when the desired temperature is reached and the operating light goes out. If the temperature drops just below the set target temperature, the fan heater automatically starts heating the room again. PTC ceramic heating elements such as those in the TFC 19 E have a decisive advantage over fan heaters with heating wires: ceramic heating elements never get so hot that they burn house dust, animal hair or insects. There are no unpleasant combustion odours and the air in the room remains noticeably clean, which lets allergy sufferers breathe a sigh of relief.

The tilt protection integrated in the base of the device complies with the highest safety standards and ensures that the device is switched off immediately should the ceramic heater fall over. The overheating protection reacts just as quickly before damage can occur. And this is how fast the TFC 19 E makes it to the starting line: just unpack, plug in the power cord, that’s it. And in case you cannot do without its soothing warmth anymore, simply take the ceramic heater with you. The transport handle recessed in the device simplifies any move of the already light and compact fan heater to another location.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the fast and pleasant warmth
  • the quiet and compact ceramic fan heater
  • the PTC heating ceramic element
  • the two heating stages with 1,200 and 2,000 watts

TFC 19 E Ceramic Fan Heater – SGS-certified brand quality from Trotec!

The TFC 19 E is available in SGS-certified quality as a guarantee for high quality, safety and functionality, so that you can play it safe with Trotec brand quality.

Order the TFC 19 E ceramic fan heater today at our current offer price, reduced from £54.52 to just £25.44 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!


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