NEW TCH Series Glass Design Convector – finally available!

There may still be a few days to go, but some Christmas wishes are already coming true:  The new TCH Series Glass Design Convectors are a premium heating solution –  and they are available for delivery now! The convector’s front surfaces in black or white give it a first-class look. And in terms of technology, it’s a winner in every way: almost all functions can be controlled via the integrated Touch Panel underneath the large backlit LCD display –  or simply via the remote control.

For those who would like the heat source in their living area to also create an elegant focal point, we recommend the TCH 2010 E convector heater in white and/or the TCH 2011 E in black. Along with the confident stylish design of these high-quality glass convectors come all the benefits of the TCH series: quick, uncomplicated, clean and quiet heating. And despite their powerful heating performance, both devices have impressively low energy consumption thanks to thermostat-controlled automatic operation.

The TCH 2010 E and TCH 2011 E convectors each provide a heat output of up to 2,000 watts, with two heat settings to choose from. The front surfaces are made of safety glass – scratch-resistant and easy to clean – and contain the integrated Touch Panel underneath the large backlit LCD display. As mentioned already, this panel, as well as the remote control included in delivery, can be used to control all functions.                                       

How it works

To use the TCH 2010 E and TCH 2011 E, you just have to plug them in! Then select your desired temperature between 15°C and 35°C on the touch panel. When this temperature is reached it is automatically maintained in an energy efficient manner, thanks to the thermostat control. When the pre-selected temperature is reached, the device reduces power and maintains this temperature. In this power-saving mode, only the amount of energy actually needed is used.

The TCH 2010 E / TCH 2011 E convector has reliable overheating protection and a 24-hour timer that you can use to programme your individual heating times. Thanks to its wheels with locking brakes, the convector can be flexibly positioned in the room as you like. Alternatively, wall installation is also possible, and the required installation materials are included in the delivery.

Thanks to uniform convection heating, these quick heaters are ideal for many uses –  whether as a quick replacement if the main heating fails, as a reliable transition heater before the heating season begins, or to heat rooms which are not connected to the central heating. And thanks to the frost monitoring function, you can prevent a room from cooling down completely while you are away on holiday or not at home.

Four of the many advantages which I particularly like with both TCH convectors:

  • up to 2,000 W heat output for clean, condensation-free and odourless heating
  • continuous thermostat control
  • 2 heat settings at 1,000 W and 2,000 W
  • thermostat-controlled automatic operation

TCH Glass Design Convectors –  strong design at a small price!

Order today at our current offer price:

incl. VAT – now available at the Trotec shop!

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