NEW SL800 ultrasound measuring device – detects even the smallest leaks

Is the fire door, compressed air system or climate chamber really completely sealed? When answering these questions, nobody should have to rely on their gut feeling. This likewise applies to tracking down early signs of wear on moving machine parts. Reassure yourself with our new professional SL800 ultrasound measuring device set and the equipment’s faultless condition – contactless, quick and at an affordable price.

Locate leaks yourself in compressed air networks, plant systems and concealed pipelines from a distance of several metres with our professional ultrasound detection set. Even the smallest leaks in a compressed air pipe lead to increased friction due to escaping gas and produce sounds within the ultrasound frequency range. In the same way, the abrasive wear on moving machine parts is detectable early on. The ultrasound detection that comes with the SL800 set offers you a wide range of applications by virtue of its interchangeable probes and SL800T ultrasound transmitter:

  • SL800R with mechanical vibration probe – recognises, amongst other things, early signs of wear on ball-bearings, friction-bearings and anti-friction bearings.
  • SL800R with airborne vibration probe – searches, amongst other things, for leaks on unconcealed pipes and lines.
  • SL800R with airborne vibration probe and SL800T ultrasound transmitter – determines, amongst other things, the causes of energy losses, for example on the windows and doors of buildings as well as testing the air tightness of containers, casings or climate chambers.

How it works

The sound vibrations caused by friction as air passes through tiny holes are not audible to the human ear, but can be picked up by the SL800 probe and transformed into audible sound by high performance conversion technology. The rendering is emitted from the soundproof headphones and is additionally displayed as an indicator value via an LED bar graph divided into ten segments. The combined visual and sound recording with adjustable headphone volume enables concentrated work every time – even with poor light conditions and background noise.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the development, design and manufacture are 100% Trotec
  • the simple detection of the smallest leaks
  • the pinpoint location of leaks through high performance sound conversion technology
  • the value-for-money detection of leaks on compressed air lines, as well as steam, gas and vacuum equipment, tanks, liquid-carrying pipelines, valves, spacers and condensate drains

The SL800 ultrasound measuring device – the affordable complete set with carry case

We will deliver our new ultra sound measuring device to you as a complete set with carry case, interchangeable probes and ultrasound transmitter. The SL800R ultrasound detector and the SL800T ultrasound transmitter are included – both ready for use, including batteries, each with an airborne and mechanical vibration probe as well as soundproof headphones with volume control.

Order the new SL800 ultrasound measuring device set today, reduced from £309.09 to just £227.27 incl. VAT – now available in the Trotec shop!

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