NEW PAC 3200 E A+ air conditioning unit – finally available for delivery!


Outside the weather is getting noticeably more pleasant. Soon the first really warm days will follow and shortly after that we’ll all be basking in the blazing sun! To ensure the heat can’t get to our heads, at least when indoors, we recommend a cooling system at first hand – with the help of our new, energy-saving PAC 3200 E A+ which is available for delivery straight away.

The new PAC 3200 E A+ will ensure your home has a perfect, feel-good climate. This is because the device is equipped with a high-performance cooling function with 3.2 kW in order to bring rooms of up to 42 m2 to a comfortable temperature. The air conditioning unit is also fitted with a fully-automatic dehumidification and ventilation function, and on top of that, it is good for your wallet: its energy efficiency class A+ means an energy saving of 20% compared to comparable air conditioning units of energy class A coupled with a greater cooling performance. Saving while cooling, that’s the new PAC 3200 E A+’s motto as it guarantees a comfortable cool climate and an equally cool electricity bill, without extra payments, even in the hottest summer months.

This is how it works

The PAC 3200 E A+ is, of course, fitted with all the superior convenience functions of its class. These include the choice between the different operating modes climate, dehumidification and ventilation as well as temperature selection, timer and sleep features and the option to select the direction of airflow from the three-stage adjustable fans. The timer function also provides you with an additional saving potential as it allows a time-controlled activation and deactivation of the air conditioning unit. You can control the unit’s numerous functions easily and conveniently using the IR remote control, or alternatively, the device can be operated using the touch keypad located on the top of the unit.
The air conditioning unit is characterised by high mobility, excellent flexibility of use and a compact, space-saving design. The PAC 3200 E A+ is ready to use after only a few simple steps and the ready-fitted air filter can be removed and cleaned as required. Moisture is either collected as condensate in a collecting tank or fed away permanently using a condensate drain that can be optionally connected. The smooth-running castors that rotate 360 degrees and the ergonomically-shaped handle grips make the unit highly manoeuvrable and allow easy transition to other usage locations. Extra-practical: a storage compartment for the connection cable makes it easier to store the device when the cooling season is over.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • The low operating costs thanks to the A + energy efficiency class
  • The dehumidifying and ventilation function
  • The powerful 3.2kW cooling performance
  • The timer function as an additional energy-saving option

The new PAC 3200 E A+ air conditioning unit – it really is that easy to save money while keeping cool!

Order the PAC 3200 E A+ air conditioning unit today for £408.61 incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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