NEW hot glue gun PGGS 10-3.7V – finally available!

For those of you that like to get those small repairs around the house done, like securing skirting boards or fixing joints, or if you’re a fan of model building and handicrafts, but don’t like the annoying cable – then the newly available cordless hot glue gun PGGS 10-3.7V is right for you. Because why would you drag a power cable along when you can go without? And it’s extra affordable as well: order by the end of this week and save 48% with our deal!

Once you’ve got one, it won’t be long before the cordless hot glue gun PGGS 10-3.7V becomes an indispensable help around the house and the workshop. With our new hot glue gun, you can ensure strong and permanent adhesion of materials such as wood, plastic, textiles, cardboard, leather, cork, glass, metal, PVC, carpet, seals and ceramic. Simply put a glue stick into the cordless pistol and turn it on. After just a minute the gun is ready to go and you can get gluing! Thanks to the instant adhesion of the glue within seconds, long drying phases and the tedious job of pressing on the glued parts are eliminated. In addition, the adhesive retraction ensures clean work – and an integrated drip stop prevents bothersome drip spots.

How it works

The mobile, cordless hot glue gun PGGS 10-3.7V has a powerful 3.7 volt lithium-ion battery, without memory effect and without self-draining, which provides you with the required energy for handicraft work and repairs. The LED status display signals the operational readiness of the cordless hot glue gun and a two level battery capacity display shows the current level of charge.

The combination of the compact design of the hot glue gun with an ergonomic handle, a rubber softgrip lining and the low total weight enables effortless work. Due to the integrated heat protection and the automatic shut-off after 10 minutes, the PGGS 10-3.7V guarantees an especially high level of work safety.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the powerful, 3.7 V (1.5 Ah) lithium-ion battery – with no memory effect and no self-draining
  • the immediate adhesion in just a few seconds
  • the rubber softgrip inserts in the housing for an extra good grip
  • effortless work thanks to the low weight

Cordless hot glue gun PGGS 10-3.7V – TÜV quality tested

You receive the PGGS 10-3.7V and battery charger operationally ready, with 10 glue sticks (7mm diameter), all to TÜV-tested quality standards, a guarantee for high quality, safety and functionality.

Enjoy the benefits of our current deal offer by the end of this week: order the cordless hot glue gun PGGS 10-3.7V today to get our current offer price of just £14.09 (instead of £23.54) incl. VAT, – now in the Trotec shop!

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