NEW cordless multi-function tool PMTS 10 20V – the flexible all-rounder!

Those who have demanding renovation work ahead of them will check they have all their tools – or just get hold of our new flexible all-rounder. The cordless multifunction tool PMTS 10‑20V is a delta sander, wood and metal saw, angle grinder, plunge saw and scraping knife in one and is just as multifaceted as your projects. You can get started anywhere immediately at full power, since the energetic exchangeable 20 V battery means you don’t have to look for a socket. And, the best thing of all is!

With the cordless multi-function tool PMTS 10‑20V you will have the universally usable tool for all repair and renovation work in the home and garden. Its powerful motor starts completely jolt-free thanks to its integrated soft start and is supplied by an energetic exchangeable 20 V battery with 2 Ah of charging capacity for maximum performance. Owing to lithium-ion technology, this battery has no memory effect or self-discharge.

Thanks to its battery and compact design, work can be performed effortlessly with the PMTS 10-20V even in hard-to-reach places: Whether you wish to saw laminate to size, mill out tile joints, remove mortar residues or grind off various surfaces – the combination of cordless power for highly mobile applications and maximum versatility due to comprehensive accessories will make a successful project out of every use.

How it works

Owing to the handle’s small perimeter and central soft grip inlay, the easy-to-handle PMTS 10-20V always lies comfortably in the hand. The sophisticated construction enables flexible one-handed operation with an infinitely variable oscillation rate adjustment. This way, you can always ideally adapt the tool’s performance to the respective material and the corresponding application. The large oscillation angle of 3.2 degrees ensures precise work even at corners and edges. The integrated LED lamp makes sure that your workpiece is always fully illuminated wherever you are working.

If you wish to exchange the accessories, this can be done conveniently fast and easily with the PMTS 10-20VMulti-function tool, Cordless multi-function tool, Tools using the quick-release system. Simply pull the locking lever, exchange the accessory without tools and variably position it in one of the 12 possible working directions. The precisely manufactured accessory holder not only guarantees an optimum tight fit with any accessory selected, but is also compatible with all accessories complying with the OIS standard. This allows you to benefit from maximum flexibility when selecting an accessory.

The 3-stage battery capacity indicator shows when the battery should be inserted in the quick charger provided in good time – and the battery is fully charged again after approximately one hour. A particular advantage of the Flexpower multi-battery is that it can also be combined with other cordless tools.

Four of many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the strong, 20 V lithium ion battery with no memory effect and no self-discharge
  • the Flexpower multi-battery 20 V 2.0 can be flexibly combined with other cordless tools
  • the strong motor with constantly high performance even under load
  • the professional oscillation technology for grinding, scraping, sawing, cutting

Cordless multi-function tool PMTS 10‑20V – TÜV-certified brand quality!

Order the new cordless multi-function tool PMTS 10‑20V today at our current offer price, reduced from £74.61 to just £46.61 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

You will receive the cordless multi-function tool PMTS 10‑20V ready for use in the transport case in TÜV-certified quality as a guarantee for high value, security and functionality, including

  • sandpaper: 6x (3x wood, 3x metal)
  • diamond saw bladeT65
  • plunge saw blade (wood and metal) BIM CS: 75 x 25 mm
  • plunge saw blade (wood and plasterboard) HCS CS: 95 x 41 mm
  • delta sanding plate: 90 mm
  • scraping knife HCS SC: 80 x 31 mm
  • dust extraction system including angle adapter
  • quick charger

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