An ideal tool for every electrician: the BE20 voltage tester

The BE20 voltage tester is one of the latest measuring devices in the Trotec MultiMeasure Basic-Series. This bipolar and very versatile voltage detector is able to measure AC/DC, polarity and rotary field. It has an built-in flashlight for lighting up dark measuring areas and displays the voltage even in case of empty batteries.

The double insulated measuring tool has a shock, dust and splashproof housing and fits the norms to protect your safety.

BE20 voltage testerSee for yourself – a small overview of the technical data:

  • AC/DC: automatic detection
  • Testing method: bipolar contact measurement
  • Measuring range: UDC 12 to 690 V, UAC 12 to 400 V
  • Measuring circuit category: CAT III 600 V

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