NEW AirLock 200 window sealing – for air conditioning units with single and double hose technology


Mobile air conditioning units provide one or two air hoses on site for transporting warm air. These exhaust hoses are nearly always installed on an open window – although this solution is highly inefficient. The air conditioning unit must then cool the warm room air as well as the warm outside air streaming in through the window opening. The AirLock 200 puts an end to this waste of energy – as shown impressively in our product video!

The AirLock 200 can be attached to any type of window in just a few steps – whether casement, bottom hung or roof slope window. Our solution reliably prevents the backflow of warm outside air into the air conditioned interior. In addition, the AirLock 200 prevents the bothersome insects from intruding, and you can close the window as usual when leaving the room, without having to dismount the window sealing.

Best of all: The AirLock 200 is compatible with any air conditioning unit, regardless of whether it uses single or double hose technology. Because the two zip openings of the AirLock 200 enable variable attachment of one or two exhaust hoses. If only one opening is needed, the second zip fastener simply remains closed.

This is how it works

The translucent air exchange guard of the AirLock 200 is produced from a durable and water-resistant material with low thermal conductivity. This increases cooling efficiency and reduces consumption costs. The AirLock 200 therefore quickly pays for itself. The AirLock 200 is attached with a supplied adhesive strap, so the window sealing can be removed at any time without leaving residue. In addition, the window sealing can be cleaned hassle-free in the washing machine. And of course the AirLock 200 can also be used for other exhaust air units.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • The window sealing saves energy
  • The cooling capacity is increased
  • The suitability for windows of any type: casement, bottom hung or roof slope windows
  • Suitable for air conditioning units using single or double hose technology

AirLock 200 window sealing – the energy-saving installation solution

The AirLock 200 is optimally suited for our PAC 3550 PRO air conditioning unit with double hose technology. Both exhaust hoses are lead ideally through the window.

Order the AirLock 200 today at our current sale price,  reduced from £31.87 to just £23.90 incl. VAT – in the Trotec Shop now!

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